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Men are dumb!

Updated on May 24, 2011

Men Mess-up!

Since the begging Men messed-up.
Since the begging Men messed-up. | Source

Men mess everything up!

Our tendency is to try to fix everything when it doesn't need fixing at all. What can I say we're men and as such that is our nature. Here's a few things men do so well to mess-up a good thing:

O boy this is a good one. We put our foot in mouths' and in some cases really bad, where we can't get out of it no matter what we say or do. We say things to try sway people to agree with us or to get our way or to convince others and ourselves, "that we are always right". That we are not to be questioned! in our world is not allowed. We want everyone to agree with us no matter what. Knowingly that we have a bad habit and a pattern of messing-up more than when we first started talking. We talk a good talk, and seldom do we back it up with facts.

Second mess-up were so infamous for. We pretend so good some times and we make up such great stories. I think that a lot of us should receive awards for best made-up story. We pretend so good that we start to believe that what we're pretending is the reality. When we know for a fact that it's not. Yet we play along until we get caught. Then the s**t hits the fan.

Third, we do things in a sneaki-way. We're very tactical of how we do things, how we plan stuff, strategies and execute. We should all be in the military this country would be a lot stronger and safer I guess...This is one thing that we do so sneaky. We buy stuff that we know dam-well we don't need, nonetheless we buy it with our last dollar. When we get home we get creative on how and where to hide it from our spouse.

We tend to mess-up things that should have never have being messed to start of. They were better left alone, "but no" were men and we must touch it, monkey around with it and try to fix when it didn't need fixing. I ask my self, why we do what we do are we; Lacking intelligence or good judgment, or are we stupid, or everything is just too plain or dull to us the way things are? That we must touch it, feel it. I don't know the answer, but its fun while doing it.

This in reality is a very funny topic; to me is like those labels that come in products that read "Child proof" as men we find ways to un-proof it. As men we need a lot things to keep our focus on only one thing. It's like when we're about to have sex, and a woman shows her goodies, is just like that! we focus on what we see and nothing in the world exist, that same type of focus it's so intense. This is what men need to keep us out trouble.

We always mess up a good matter how honest or hard we work to keep it from every one. But above all we're not perfect, but who is? We are very useful, very lovable and we do required a lot care, a house and a warm bed to sleep in.


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