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Men learn how to approach women the right way

Updated on January 26, 2010

Men listen up

Men listen up! A lot of you guys, especially young guys, do not know how to approach women. Men do not seem to know how to approach women, whether it's in person or via online, men just do not seem to get it at all. They use all the wrong approach or use cliché approaches or they say what every other guy says before them. Well men it is time to stop it and listen up. This article may seem like a joke but it's really not and reading this and taking something from it will help you approach women and get a lot farther with them than what you are used to. If you have a hard time approaching women than keep reading on because after reading this article you will finally know how to approach women! This article will also give different sceneries and advice on how to approach women in each one as well as some other good tips. Enjoy.

Approaching women in bars

When it comes to approaching women in bars there are a few things to know and that is TRY NOT to be sleazy, even when guys think they are being normal or better yet even when they are planning on approaching women in bars chances are the girls are going to think you want one thing and one thing only, sex! Even if that is not your intention more than likely that is what they will think. So men if you are planning on approaching women at bars than try some off-beat ways to do it because chances are the tactic you use now, no matter how good you think it is, chances are you can get a lot further with the ways I am about to teach you.

When women get approached by men in a bar or especially a club most likely they are use to it. They probably know or think they know what you are going to say, do and want.The prettier the girl the harder it will probably be to actually approach her. Well first things first, it is a numbers game. Some women will like you and some won't. Some will be nice and some will be very rotten to you. With that said the next thing you want to do is not put any women up on a pedestal. If you act like the woman is too hot for you than you will probably appear to be a person that has little confidence in themselves. Be confident but not arrogant!

Now that you have a basic idea of how to think and what not, now it is time to finally learn how to actually approach a woman in a bar. When you have spotted a beauty that you want to approach you will now make your move. If you are with friends make sure you approach the woman alone, even if she has 1 person with her or 40 people with her, just go approach her alone! Now remember how I told you earlier try to have an off-beat tactic. Well once you have finally approached the woman of your choice try to say something off-beat. Do not introduce yourself right away and start complimenting her eyes, body or say sleazy lines because they are already use to it when they go out ok? Try something off-beat by complimenting their outfit but than suggesting that another top or color or different kind of make-up would have looked better. This may seem like an insult but do not say it in a insulting manner. Be very polite about it. This usually works because it shows that you are confident and honest and not afraid too speak your mind, even if you are it still doesn’t matter because the woman will think those things.

It's as easy as that! Than start with normal talk. It is very competitive out there and approaching women in bars can be hard to accomplish so just remember what was said in this section of the article if you plan on approaching women at bars.


The best way to approach women at the beach

Now when you are at the beach and you want to approach women you have to keep a few things in mind before taking the plunge. You need to remember to be confident, be prepared to take no for an answer or be rejected immediately and make sure that you are polite and do not come off as arrogant because usually many other women are around and if they observe your approach and attitude and if you are coming of as arrogant than you can bet that you will be feeling insecure afterwards if the spectators end up laughing at you or giving you dirty looks.

Now that all that is out the way, it is time to figure out the best way to approach women at the beach. Lucky for you, you do not have to figure anything out because I know the best way to approach women at the beach! First off once you have spotted a beach beauty plan your move very carefully. Make sure that your beach blanket is in eye distance of your targeted beauty, if it isn't than move your blanket within eye distance. Now that that's done wait until the woman you want too approach is in the water. Kind of swim in the same area as them,but give enough distance so you do not make the woman you want to approach scared in anyway. Swim around for a few minutes and than make your approach to the woman. When you approach the woman simply make a comment about the waves, even if they are small or there's no waves at all. Say something among the lines of " the waves are huge today." It seems like a lame opening line but it works and you can pretty much move onto another conversation right away. If you are at the beach than this is the best way to approach women so go ahead and give it a try.

How to approach women at the gym

OK men if you want to know how to approach women at the gym than there are a few things to take in consideration before doing so. The most important factor you should take in is this, are you sure you are prepared to crap where you eat? This means that before you approach women at the gym you better think twice about it because most likely you go to the gym often and people recognize your face there, so you don't want to be the laughing stock of the gym or open up a can of worms if you are rejected or if things go sour.

With that all said now you have to know how to approach women at the gym. Well this is very easy to do and the best way to approach women at the gym might surprise you! You need to open up with something different and not be another cliché so what can a guy do? Easy! When you spot a woman whom you want to approach simply walk up to her and ask her if she can show you how to perform the exercise that she is doing, even if you already know how to do it. If the woman is on a cardio machine than get on the machine next to her and ask her what's the best speed to put the machine at and ask for tips. This may seem like an embarrassing tactic but guess what? It works! The woman will feel good and helpful and you will have an opening for other conversations.


How too approach women online

Ok guys now you need to know how to approach women online. Whether it is on popular social networking sites or dating sites you simply need to know the right way to approach women online. Many men think that they do well picking up women online but the fact of the matter is they usually are not doing all that great. Well now you will finally learn the right way when it comes to approaching women online!

First things first are never come off as a pervert when you approach women online. Seriously, it is common sense and women do not find it flattering so do not approach women online in a perverted manner! EVER! You will be shocked at how many men actually use stupid perverted lines to make their initial approach online and it rarely works. Well you are about to learn the correct way on how to approach women online!

Now you need to remember that when you approach women online that you do not open up with cliché lines such as how hot the woman is or what you want to do with her or give her your number right off the bat etc... This makes men look desperate, pathetic and part of the herd. You need to be different and make yourself stand out the crowd. You need to approach women online with something different. When you spot a girl online that catches your eye try opening up with a different line such as asking her how her day was and than gradually building up the conversation from there. Say anything except something perverted and dumb, just use common sense when trying to pick up a girl online.


It does not matter where you approach women

When you approach women it doesn't matter if it's online, a gym or a beach, you need to carry yourself a certain way. By reading this article you should now have somewhat of an understanding on how to approach women, whether it's the beach, gym, online or anywhere for that matter. Good luck on your quest of trying to approach women.


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    • Chris Cristiano profile image

      Chris Cristiano 2 years ago from San Francisco, California

      Scoop, good stuff! I'd just suggest using an editor next time for the few small spelling and grammar errors, otherwise I dig it.

    • profile image

      dave 5 years ago

      Maybe guys need to develop a life which includes women in it, such that these "approaches" do not sound as bad as you make them sound.

    • profile image 7 years ago

      You probably already know that everything in dating comes down to your ability to approach women. If you don’t meet women, you simply won’t get dates or girlfriends.

      So if you want to meet a lot of women – to have a life of abundance – then you absolutely must have the confidence to approach and talk to the attractive women you want. No exceptions.

    • profile image 7 years ago

      Not a bad article at all. I write articles on similar content and there are a few tips here that head in the right direction.