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Respecting your Queen!!

Updated on July 25, 2016

Honor The Queen

The right King would:

  1. Open the Queen's door.
  2. Let the Queen exit the lifts first.
  3. Buy flowers for the Queen.
  4. Admire the Queen in the mornings.
  5. Help the Queen with cooking and the dishes.
  6. Continue reading this blog because he might be able to make it up to His Queen!!

Right, so If you are doing all above mentioned things you must be quite a gentlemen and I must say to you well done!!

Women in general do not expect you to do such things due to the "times has changed" saying and it's total bullshit I think because you would love to know that your son or daughter to be should be treated like Royalty.

If you are reading this thinking, "help me Dan''... here is some tips for you too:

  1. Surprise your Queen with a romantic cooked meal and DON'T leave her the dishes,that's lame. NOTE: Some woman do like surprises and some don't,so make sure that you know your Queen well enough.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings, meaning try to read her mood or fish for signs during the day via texts and do something about it for example: if she had a bad day DO NOT ask her about anything else negative but rather just walk up to her and comfort her as if she was crying,DO NOT do things that irritates her like scaring her or tickling her but rather prepare a warm bath with candles and take care of her chores so she can unwind and definitely DO NOT pick a fight with an angry or upset Queen but rather offer to massage her without expecting sex in return.
  3. Do not ask or beg for sex,earn it.
  4. Admiring texts or images or gentle flirting may just be what she needs to fall in love with you all over again and besides...they love it. If you don't someone else will.
  5. Always show interest in her current interests. Which would mean you would have to know about it, so please know your Queen.
  6. Know your Queen...This is the key to all relationships. Be observant and listen when she mentions things from the past or personal feelings regarding certain subjects.

These few things may make a difference in how she feels about you and your relationship.

If you are being a DOOSH ,please stop because every woman needs to feel like a Queen and if you are doing most of these things I've mentioned and your Queen is still giving you hell she might not be the right one for you.

You will be respected and loved if she is a Real Woman.

Be a gentlemen to your Queen for her and the youth surrounding you as well as your kids.

We need our sons and daughters to be honest and caring and loving so its up to us.

Here are a list of a few things that we should do to improve our kids way of learning the meaning of gentlemen and gentlewoman:

  1. Take your kid on their first date. Ether dad and daughter or mother and son or even a double date. Teach them the 'OLD FASHIONED' way.
  2. Dress your kids in Tuxedos and Dresses and make it known that they look handsome and gorgeous so they feel good about themselves.
  3. Teach the boys "ladies first" and explain to them that its all about respect.
  4. Teach your girls to sit nicely when wearing a dress.
  5. Table manners are very important.

So I hope you have learned something here today.

Please respect your Queen and you will build a foundation for generations to come!!

Its a wild wild world out there...


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