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Men smart Women Smarter!

Updated on June 27, 2011

Men smart, Women SMARTER!

(It’s the battle of the sexes!)

Hmm... Quite true! Now no offence! But this indeed is a very interesting topic! It is now that we, the fairer sex, can openly put forth our views and thoughts to our immature male friends (don’t be so surprised this is how most of us think of you all) and thus gain a score in this, age old but silent, battle of the sexes!

Now I’m not going to talk about the various accomplishments or achievements of each gender. But this is going to be sheer fun (at least for the girls!) I’m going to take an altogether different approach. And in this battle, I assure to prove you how we can beat you fair and square!

Now now I do not mean that men are some sort of fools. Of course not!!. (Just that, most of them are do it yourself type!) They are smart and strong and etc etc but they also do have equally inflated egos! Which needless to say is absent in us .This ego, that all females detest, in one way perfectly works in our favor! We use this drawback up against them. Now this need not be explained. (At least for the girls) this is one of our innate tactics!

E.g.: the simplest and the best way of getting a man to do something is to suggest that he is too old for it! Tadaa, your work will be done in a flash.

Small things, but important things. Conceivably this ego was the reason that the children of Israel wandered around the desert for 40 yrs. Even in biblical times men wouldn’t ask for directions!

Now even though the female gender is considered all weak and fragile comparatively, girls somehow seem to have this unique power to tame the virile beasts in men. The end result: most girls even end up having boys dancing on their pinkies! (Lucky them) All that the pretty girls need to do, is let loose their hair, give out a husky laugh to catch their vulnerable little minds, blink a few times at them (making boys go “ME??”!!) and finally walk past all gracefully like the world is their ramp and lo and behold, even the toughest nut will crack and melt like an ice-cream! Perhaps that’s the reason why I have always heard neighborhood stories of how the lady ensnared the (poor) man (and never vice versa) and with her strong influence over him, gets him to do anything and everything in the name of loovvee!!

Maybe I’m painting the picture of a devil, but frankly speaking you guys compel us to think like that because you just wouldn’t let us bell you that easily!

The one thing that men like to keep screaming about is, how they do not understand the complex functioning of the female mind!... Apparently for them to decipher a woman’s mind is as tough as rocket science whereas it isn’t the case! In reality what they don’t seem to understand is that we are, were and always will be simple and sorted out creatures! For them the one mind-boggling question that still remains is - “what exactly do women want?!” In the process of understanding us, which as I said is a very simple task, they often end up losing their nerves and tearing off their hair! Maybe its time they questioned themselves - “what do I want?” (confused souls trying to figure out the world!).When women can understand women and can even understand men...then why can’t men? So we can thus conclude that the entire hullabaloo about “I just don’t understand you” is plainly an EXCUSE!

Ohk, now seriously I believe that apart from what I did say, men are definitely smart, many of them have even reached the pinnacle of success and in this golden phase, have thus tasted and savored the glory that follows it (phew that was difficult!!) umm ok wait a minute didn’t the saying go like “Behind ever successful man there is a WOMAN?! Wow there it goes again! And another statement “Behind every unsuccessful man there are two women”!! *sigghhh* just proves how much women control this tiny little world that men live in! It’s amazing as to what kind of effect can women have on men...(Smiles with satisfaction!)

Ok now seriously serious! Though women are smarter in many ways I wouldn’t want to brag about this fact because it somehow pricks me to talk in such a tone (fufu huhuh hehe!!!)But honestly as much as it does hurt to know that the fairer sex is a little smarter, just a LITTLE don’t worry (at least this may calm the ego!) it’s time we claimed it as one of the universal truths and let the argument rest at peace. In any case you guys aren’t that bad either!Even as I type this truth there is some sort of fear of being beaten up looming over me! But the fact still remains

Men smart, Women SMARTER!

P.S: No matter what, we still love your existence. Of course you’ll aren’t as bad as I describe you’ll to be!! But its still funs to brag you guys!!J


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    • andur92 profile image

      andur92 6 years ago from India


    • neha.pjadhav profile image

      neha.pjadhav 6 years ago

      dont hate us boys!! we're just messing around!! xD