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Men suffering in silence

Updated on April 11, 2013

The upheld belief is that,all women care, don't they? Many people believe women don't harm a fly. They are the nicest beings.In reality there are some men languishing in house arrests imposed by their domineering and abusive partners. Most men in abusive relations have no guts to speak out. They fear to be stigmatized as 'lesser men'.They ended up succumbing to beatings and abuse by their partners in silence.They don't want to let the world know their ordeal.

Indeed, there are many men out there suffering in silence and living in hell in their own homes. They are made to jump but not allowed to ask why? They are abused left, right and center without able to stand their ground. Literature and statistics on abused men is not readily available as that of abused women. Highway Blues a novel by Masimba Mukichi aims at highlighting this cancerous problem affecting some of the men of today.Highway Blues is a good read.

It traces the life of an immigrant couple who sought for a better life abroad.While settling abroad, the husband realized that greener pastures were never going to be greener and better for him. In fact the protagonist,the wife changed color like a chameleon.She became the one who wears trousers in the relationship.The antagonist,the husband was exposed to abusive treatment by the spouse.

Eventually he was kicked out of the matrimonial home - during the harsh months of the European winter. The husband did not know where to get help since he was new to the environment. He started living in the streets and sleeping rough. Eating leftovers from fast foods outlets and wheelie bins. A good Samaritan came to his rescue.

Highway Blues is topical. It is the book of the moment. It really touches on the usually shied away topic of men being abused by women. Highway Blues is written in a thrilling manner which leaves the reader craving for more. Buy your copy today at Amazon or eBay.


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