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Who Are More Forgiving in Relationships, Men or Women?

Updated on March 22, 2022
ife Orisha profile image

Alfia (Peace Be Unto You) audience! I am a pyschology major specializing in family, marriage/couples and sex relations.

How much compassion do men have vs women?

Do men forgive more than women?

We all know that men and women are both emotional beings that just happens to express their emotions quite different from one another. One of the major problems is that it's often stated that men are more logical while women are more emotional which then says that one lacks emotions or lacks logic respectively. However that is not the case. Men are just as emotional as women, they just express a different set of emotions. Men are more likely to display anger while women are more likely to cry. Because men feel that showing emotions, especially crying, makes them weak or inferior, they are forced to prove that they lack emotions. Men accomplish this by concealing what they really feel. Yea, they can brush off things to an audience but deep down inside they are hurting. This hurt lasts longer then normal because they do not get to properly release their emotions. The reason why men do not have the ablity to freely express their sadness or pain is because they are ridiculed for crying or showing emotions. After all, it is a sign of weakness right?

Men Emotional?

,Men are taught from the time they are born to hide their emotions. They are conditioned to be competitive and driven to prove themself to people. Men are breed to pretend like they don't care and that nothing bothers them and if they are hurt, the must suck it up and press forward. Men then grow up with a "mancho" mentally. However, teaching young boys to hide their feelings instead of teaching them how to deal with them is the main ingedient for shaping them into a toxic person. Even though they seemingly brush things off, they become angrier and angrier overtime. They are like ticking timebombs without a visable timer. A lot of their anger outburst are unpredictable outbursts for this reason. Sometimes, they can hold a grudge so tough that it can prevent them from having a healthy relationship.

For men, you have to let them sort this out on their own. Begging them, trying to make them forgive will only fuel the pain. You have to step away for awhile and let him deal with the issues he has with you in the way that they know how to.

Woman and how they deal with emotions

Women are compassionate by nature. They care about people's feelings. If a man hurts a woman and she sees that he is also hurting from whatever mistake he made, she will work toward forgiving him neglecting him.

Women are more expressive than men so they are able to air out their negative emotions. Because women vent often, there's not alot of room for emotional build up which would allow them to hold a grudge, not saying that they don't.

The problem comes in when men fail to be there for her emotionally. If she has a sudden outburst of tears, she wants the man to comfort her, not tell her it's not that serious or walk out the room. She wants to be held, hugged, and her tears wiped. She wants that reassurance that he still cares. When a man appears to be emotionally detached from the woman, she may think that he doesn't care or that the man isn't as sorry as he proclaims to be, which then will led her to question if she should have forgiven him in the first place.

In Conclusion

It is apparent that men react to situations different from women. They also deal with things different from each other. For example, men are known for cheating. It is almost impossible for a woman to believe that their are strictly monogamous men out there. This has caused women to tolerate cheating more than they should and has also caused men to expect women to deal with the infidelity as well. But if a woman cheats, it's literally the end of the world for them. Men cannot handle cheating like women do because they are not use to it nor do they expect women to be polymarous. So, when a woman cheats on a man, the relationship has pretty much died at that point because, the man is almost always unable to move forward.

So, in my opinion, women are more forgiven then men.


Who is more forgving, men or women?

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