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Men you wonder why women are the way they are

Updated on February 15, 2016

My baby daddy(the one that I am pregnant) by

So I have been dealing with my ignorant baby daddy since June. I wanted to cut things off with him ever since Thanksgiving when I had an encounter again with his ex-girlfriend/girlfriend. The reason I never cut it off was because he kept putting his sperm inside me claiming that he couldn't get anybody pregnant since he has been doing that with his ex-girlfriend and she never got pregnant. He also told me the doctor told him that he has low sperm count. I told him my friend from Jackson was coming down and we were going to go to a Thanksgiving bash according to her. Didn't know it was going to be in a club concert with an artist that I really don't like (I like his radio songs that's about it). I invited him9the baby daddy) to go with us and she(my friend) even showed up at his door to explain where it would be located since he was concern with that. He decided to decline. Come to find out he spent his day with his supposedly ex-girlfriend. There has been constant drama with me and this girl. So when I get home from the club I had already let him know while I was at the club since he called that I would call him when I made it home. So I decided to call and who answers his phone his ex-girlfriend. She talking mad trash to me like I am going to get upset. I really don't want your man/ex-man so why do you think I would be mad. I ask her for example what she was doing over there? So said I am sucking his thing. Okay that's good. So she saying stuff like if y'all are not messing around why are you calling his phone this late at night. Why are you worry about it if that's your ex-boyfriend? (my thoughts) So then after I get off the phone with her. I decided to call back. No answer. Then she decides to start texting my phone. So I decided to end the conversation and let her know to please stop texting my phone. I called the police. When the police show up this fat heifer comes out and I let the police know if she gets close enough to me I am going to knock her out. The police tell her to go back to my baby daddy house and that they would come to talk to her. The police tells me I can't press charges on her because I told her to stop texting my phone. I let my baby daddy know that I am piss off concerning this matter. He was constantly calling and knocking on my door after the situation. A couple of days later, this fat heifer bust open his door and tries to attack me because I try to climb out his window and she saw me. I hid in the bathroom and called the police. I press simple assault charges on her despite my baby daddy begging me not to (he's a convicted felon). So then he gets her to come over there to apologize so I can drop the charges. I was never intend the drop the charges after my baby daddy let me know that she didn't think I knew her real name. A couple of weeks later, I found out I am pregnant so I let the fat heifer know. We get in a domestic violence dispute. I slapped him and he slapped me. The next day he threw some water on me and then had this fat heifer try to fight me. When the cops showed up they tell us both to go in the house despite me telling them I already press charges on this girl she's know I am pregnant and she is still trying to fight me. So that day I decided to get a restraining order. Find out my baby daddy decides to press charges so I have a warrant for my arrest. I ended up getting out that day and I got my restraining order.

The Finale

So they serve the restraining order that day. Of course he gets back with his ex-girlfriend I believe that night or the next day. So his ex-girlfriend is outside destroying his property, slinging his grill, dump all his dirt out his plant pots, screaming give me the clothes that I brought you and she tries to call me out to fight her, (this happens about two weeks later) so that's when I call the police. They let me know not to go outside and they will be there in a minute. They talk to both of them and arrest him for his warrants-violation of his restraining order and domestic assault. Well now he's mad and want to try to work things out with me. So I play the game because my lawyer told me to be nice. On Valentine's day this ignorant man comes over my house talking mad trash after we just had sex because his ex-girlfriend calls him blaming him for a car hitting her and her car bumper being off while he was at my house. He hangs up the phone. She probably can't file a report because that's when they will arrest her. Then he told me I was childish and everything was going great between us-I was spending the night over his house, he was taking me out, etc... I let him know I was done with the relationship after Thanksgiving. He left my apartment and came back. He still talking mad trash talking about I would feel better if I slap you since I didn't slap you before and you lied on the report. I let him know he needs to accept the truth he slapped me and if he slaps me tonight I am going to slap him back. He decides to flicker me with his finger in my face. I get up from my couch and hit him. Since I am mad and want to hurt this dude. I decide to kick him out of my house. I decided to call the police on him and tell them I want them-the police to tell this ignorant dude not to knock on my door again. Sure enough later on that day he is with his ex-girlfriend.


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