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Men's Best Kept Secrets From Women

Updated on January 4, 2012

Your man's secrets

by Candace

Parts of these poll facts have came from a survey of 5000 men researched by David Zinczenko. I have also added my own observations.

Secret 1: They think about your relationship more than you give them credit or would ever imagine. How much more? The survey found that 60% spend at least an hour a day thinking about you, including how to make things more special like bringing you flowers,planning a special date night ect. Men are not multi-tasked like women so when they are thinking of us that is often all they are doing at the moment. My husband calls me sometimes two or three times a day just to check on me. Later he tells me he thinks of me at work. I can tell cause when he gets home we meet with a kiss. Tip: Give your husband a great picture of you to keep near him at work, he will start missing you.

Secret 2: THEY WANT MORE ROMANCE! Men are geared toward romance. They love you and romance is their connection with the one they love. After 500 men were polled "there wasn't one man who didn't wish his wife would throw him the romantic gestures women love so much." "Why?" " Those gestures show him you are thinking of him and it's boosts his confidence in your attraction to him. Women like bouquets and told their beautiful, try bragging on him and surprise him with a little thoughtful gift as well.

Secret 3 : They're as insecure about their appearance as we are!

Nine out of ten men polled confessed to being unhappy with at least one body part. They are wired to make sure nobody out does them physically or mentally. Your man may be a strong hard worker and it's been a long time since you rubbed his muscles and stroked his hair and told him how impressed you are with your handsome strong man. Men are not as visibly intimidated as women around other strong handsome men, but they worry too about some other hunk catching their ladies eye. It would do him good if you were romantic in a crowd of people, it shows your commitment and desire is more than just private.

Secret 4 : They want to talk- not just about feelings. Don't always just unload your feeling on him. It's hard to do after a hard day, but that tends to overwhelmed a man and make him nervous. Men rarely express their feelings boldly, we have to slowly talk them out of him. Don't ask him, " How do you feel ?" He might want to change the subject. Talk about his day and his opinion. Challenge him to think, when he starts to think his feelings start slowly seeping out from his heart.

Secret 5: They like cuddling too!!!!Most men that were polled said they don't get enough of it. Research shows that men need three times more touching than women do that includes hugs, kisses and snuggling not just sex. Hugs and kisses are proven stress busters. Send him to work with a kiss and he will be more jived and studies show he will live longer if he is kissed everyday.

DID YOU KNOW? More than 75% of men believe in soul-mates!

We blame alot of our split up homes on the men, but if we would dare to tap into these secrets and show our HUSBAND ( not the guy at work) what a sexy, handsome, strong hunk he is, our marriages will be stronger and more fulfilling than ever before and he will be turned on to you forever.


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    • Anjo Bacarisas II profile image

      Anjo Bacarisas II 5 years ago from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

      so true.. thanks for the very wonderful hub... keep hubbing, you did great. thanks!

    • profile image

      stanlee 7 years ago

      all true, seldom experienced lol but very very true

    • svetits profile image

      svetits 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Amazingly brilliant hub singingmommy, welldone. I think alot of women believe men are made of stone but on the contrary men are real emotional creatures with deep, intense emotions. Women just tend to express their emotions more than men. Thanks alot for sharing this hub, I hope alot of women read it and make their home a paradise on earth.

    • NarayanKrishna profile image

      NarayanKrishna 8 years ago from The country of Mount Everest

      The secrets you mentioned about men is not known to many people. Men really want love from wives. This is not realized by most women.

    • profile image

      Lee 9 years ago

      they dont know that about us ? omg.. :)

    • singingmommy profile image

      Candace Green 10 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      I am sorry your husband done you that way. Sometimes nomatter what a wife does she has to suffer through divorce. This sickening sex idol society is pulling alot of men out of their marriages when they had sweet little wives that took care of their every need. He may have left you, but he is on a dead end road. He will never find happiness because those who throw away 33 years for vain reasons will never find fulfillment in anyone else. I will pray God will give you strength.

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 10 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      It's all true..But for me after 33 years he just left anyway for a younger one...G-Ma :O)

    • profile image

      highwaystar 10 years ago

      Thanks for sharing, it's important for couples to take a long, hard look at the recurring problems. Homer Simpson says it best: Quote..."It's a uterus not uter me... we're a team." Here's a helpful tip:

    • College politico profile image

      College politico 10 years ago from Alexandria Virginia

      I like this a lot... its actually quite true. at least in my mind

    • compu-smart profile image

      Compu-Smart 10 years ago from London UK

      Doh!! The secrets out:/


    • singingmommy profile image

      Candace Green 10 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Soylude,Thanks I appreciate a comment from a man to show all the women that read this that I didn't just come up some crazy idea's, but that men really feel this way. SM

    • soyelude profile image

      soyelude 10 years ago from Lagos - Nigeria

      This takes the biscuit! I totally agree with you! If only more wives would take the trouble of probbing to find out what makes their husbands tick, they'll have a more rewarding and gratifying marriage.

      Great hub SM...simply fantastic.