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Mens Titanium Wedding Band – A Quick Buying Guide

Updated on August 29, 2010

Many people prefer the durability, affordability and overall good looks of men's titanium wedding bands

Couples looking for an alternative to traditional gold and silver wedding rings often turn to titanium wedding bands.  Gaining in popularity over the last few years, mens titanium wedding bands offer all of the same features of traditional wedding bands but at a fraction of the price.  In fact, most titanium wedding bands are under $100.  If you’re considering a titanium wedding band there’s a few things you should know

There are a ton of good resources online that can provide you with prices and information on titanium wedding bands and if you should want to customize your band to give it that little extra touch (i.e. mens titanium wedding bands with diamonds).  There are plenty of retailers online that will provide this service (for a price) but it’s best to get an idea of what you’re getting.  Plus it doesn’t hurt to do a little comparison shopping to try and find the lowest prices on titanium wedding bands.  Most online retailers will accept returns if you’re at all unsatisfied with the ring.  If you’re at all worried about returns you could purchase the wedding ring from a popular jeweler so that you could return it to the local store.  Just make sure to read the agreement before you hit the buy button.

You might not be sure if a titanium wedding band would be the right fit.  There are a few pros and cons to them as discussed below. 

Pros of titanium wedding bands:

Titanium wedding bands are cheap – For most people this is a big plus, weddings are already pretty expensive and saving money wherever you can is a necessity.  While some people may be concerned that price is an indication of quality; rest assured that titanium rings are very high quality, just not as expensive to produce as gold or silver.

Titanium wedding bands are highly customizable – Whether you want the modern feel of a contemporary design or like the classic style but just don’t want to pay as much, titanium wedding bands give you lots of options to play with.  You can also change up the design by adding silver or gold to give is some contrast or have some diamonds inlayed for extra flare.

Drawbacks of Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium wedding bands can scratch or dent – While they are titanium they aren’t indestructible.  It’s important to know that mens titanium wedding rings have the potential to scratch and dent if you’re working with hard materials.  This probably won’t be a problem for most people but if you’re job requires working with heavy equipment you may want to remove the ring while at work (at your own peril!)

Titanium wedding bands are difficult to size - because they’re so tough and durable it make them impossible to alter.  Normally a ring has a spacer added or removed to fit the finger better.  With titanium it’s impossible to add or remove anything; once it’s cast that’s it.  Therefore you need to know your ring size before purchasing one

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