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Mens Fashion -Time to Explore Dear Old Dad’s Stuff

Updated on August 19, 2012

Your dad's old stuff can actually be a gold mine for retro and vintage styles, Here are some tips on what to look for when you raid his closet:

1. Classic, bulky watches - These watches always last the test of time. The battery might be dead, but that's it. Find a classic watch and give it some new life. If the band is a little worn, look for a similar one or find a band made of alligator leather to give it a touch of vintage.

2. Denim - Retro denim is still hot today. These pieces were made with real care and chances are, you'll still get years of wear out of them. Look for classic brands of the time period like Levis for that put together look. If you can find an old denim jacket, you are truly in luck. This was really the time period when denim began to take over the fashion world and the designs and styles are truly unique.

3. Anything in Argyle - Argyle used to be all the rage and if you want a true vintage look, you should have at least one piece with this pattern. Look for vintage argyle socks or the ever popular sweater vest.

4. Speaking of Sweater Vests - This is an old standard that is the epitome of retro looks. They usually came in classic simple colors like navy, but every now and again you can find a bright one. This really completes the whole retro look.

5. Papa's Got a Really Old Bag - Vintage bags are fabulous finds. Typically, they were made out of really good leather so they will still have a lot of use left in them. Whether it's an old bowling bag or a briefcase, give it a quick clean with leather conditioner and you'll be set.

6. Classic Wallets - There was a time when all wallets looked alike. They were basically square and served one purpose, doing it very well. Typically, they'll be made out of alligator like leather or classic pebbled leather. Again, these will still have years of use left in them.

7. Old Jewelry - Whether it's a classic class ring or love beads, your dad probably still has memorabilia running around from his youth. Complete your retro look with these jewelry pieces after a quick clean.

8. Old Belts - You probably remember having your hide tanned by one of these. Put it to good use and reuse your dad's old leather belts. The bigger the buckle - the better. If they have a little wear, take them to a leather shop for some reconditioning.

9. Old Chinos - The staple of the average Joe in the 50's. Jeans weren't quite popular back then but nearly everyone had a pair of classic chinos. The material may still be a little rough, but that's why they're still around after all these years.

10. Old Bowling Gear - Most dads used to bowl and chances are, they had a special shirt. Look for an old shirt that has your dad's name embroidered on it or the name of his bowling league. These are great vintage finds that look great no matter what time you live in.

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