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Creative Romantic Ideas For Your Sweetheart

Updated on February 8, 2011

Creating a Memory of a Lifetime

 You want to do something special besides buying a card and teddy bear for the one you love but want to think outside the box? Well here's your chance. Take these ideas listed and use them as your foundation to build on something more. Let your prince/princess be razzled and dazzled by how much you truly care for him/her.

Invention Time

 This is a cool idea if you don't have that much cash but you want an awesome memory. Do you know what place your love really wants to visit? Let's say it's Hawaii. Do a little research on their customs and sayings. What are you going  to do with all this you ask? Well, you can decorate the house (or part of it) into a tropical paradise. This may take some rearranging and a little effort but it'll be a blast. Then you can dress up as a hola girl or hola guy and perform a special dance. You can also prepare Hawaiian food. You can cook a new and exciting dinner inspired by a place your special someone would love to visit. It'll feel like he/she has been there, only better because it was prepared by you.

Re-Invention Time

 This idea allows you to get more personal. You are going to re-create a special day from the past. It could be when you two first met or had a first date. You would be going to a place that your partner is familiar with and would recognize easily but with a few exceptions. This time you will rig the place with surprises. We all know someone who can sing. Pay them a few bucks to sing her/his favorite love song accapella. If you are outside, say like the park, you can also dance while the person sings the song.

It doesn't matter how you change things. As long as you are creative. You can also end the night by reading your partner a love letter that you wrote for them. It'll be your words not some measly card and that would make it worth more than the $3.99 you'd spend on someone's generic greeting.  

It's All About You

 Make it a day all about him/her. For women, it's all about pampering. Schedule to get her hair, nails, and feet done. Then you can make sure she has a relaxing massage followed by tickets to her favorite venue. This can be a concert, movie, dance, or comedy. Whatever it is, has to be what she loves the most but never gets a chance to do.

For the fellas, it's all about action and for most sports. So you can take them to an unforgettable game or comedy show, followed by a home cooked candlelight dinner. Top it off with a body massage and some personal entertainment, like song or dance and you're all set.  

Romantic Welcome

Make the house one of romantic momentos that he/she will remember about the both of you. Plant it in places where you know he/she will notice and use it as a trail to lead to the bedroom. Decorate the bedroom really special with candles on top of the dressers, as well as teddy bears and rose petals on the bed. Once inside you can come out yelling surprise and offering a special gift.

The Meet Up

 For this one, you'll need to recruit some people. Have your sweetheart meet you somewhere public where you've got a dinner prepared. When you get there, give about 7 people a rose and tell them to give it to her/him at different intervals all leading up to where you are. When your sweetheart gets there, make sure he/she blindfolded while you intice by feeding him/her a delicious meal with fresh fruit. End the night sharing each other companies by poping in a classic movie.

The Blindfold

 Get dressed up all fancy and arrive at your partner's work place during lunch time with flowers. As you steal him/her away, make sure the he/she is blindfolded so that the location of your destination is not revealed. Take him/her to a local inn that you've decorated for their enjoyment decked with small cute gifts and champagne. Make sure you let your work know that you'll be a little late coming back from lunch.  

The Story of Us

 Write a short love story about the two of you and have her/him read it outloud. Make sure it hightlights why you love her/him and how the two of you met. It should also include your plans for the future as you would both anticipate a happy ending.


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