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Mind Games Women Play Explained

Updated on April 12, 2012

For men

Ever wondered why your chick asks you questions that seem pointless but then she makes an argument out of it because you answered the wrong way? Why she flies off the handle because you did something very small? Why she uses past arguments in future arguments? Well as a female i am going to explain why, yes ladies might be like your going to give away the HOLY GRAIL of the female language we use on men. Most men have came up with the answer that all women are crazy. That's one way to look at it or you can understand exactly what she is saying. First, why do women ask questions like what is your top goal in life? Your thinking she has known me for how long and now she asks? So when you say to make a lot of money, she gets annoyed. WHY? Women ask this question because they honestly don't want to know what your true goal is. They want to hear that you want to have a family with some kiddos running with around, with a wife that when described only can be her. So then men ask why didn't she just come out and say that? Women think, when a guy says money that is all he cares about. Guys think, that he wants to make money so can he have the women he wants. Another question maybe what was your ex girlfriend like? The answer to a guy is straight forward a bitch. When you try to be modest and say she was alright she just changed over time. The female immediately thinks and comes with up with the next question. What did you like about her? The male is thinking why won't she leave this alone? Then you say a few things about what you liked about her, she starts to get mad saying it seems like you still have feelings for her. The male is thinking what the hell?! Okay so here is the deal. The question what was ex girlfriend like in female language means you better say your ex girlfriend was uglier, fatter, and a total nutcase unlike me which is a total upgrade. This question as silly as it is means a lot to the other woman (her) because she is comparing. The next question what did you like about her means in female language you better say you don't remember because if you do and you so much as even hint at smiling then you want her and not me. So why all the double sided questions? Women have the gift of always over thinking everything. It is born with us when the doctor says it's a girl. Instead of just saying that she wants to hear what makes her better than your ex she will make it seems innocent then when you don't confirm what she is thinking she will suspect you didn't the message! That it wasn't a free for all to speak well of your ex.

Twisting the argument

So what is the deal when your arguing with her and she uses past stuff to throw at you? Or when she flips out because of little things? Well here is the deal. The reason we use other arguments is simply to over state our point. Women think that when you do the same thing or something close to it again that you didn't listen to them or have not considered their feelings. Also yes believe it or not women simply will not actually listen to the male when she is in a full blown temper tantrum like fit. She will just yell because she needs to vent. It is honestly not to hurt you as much its just to vent. So why keep making a fuss about it if the female knows he keeps doing it out of habit? The male asks himself. Women pay a lot of attention to details, so these little things will add up to her. Their really isn't any other solution then just get her a best friend so she vent her pent up anger that you don't put the seat down after you pee. So why does she bring up another guy she had a good time with? To another male he is thinking that asshole is trying to steal his woman. To females the reason we bring it up is because we want to see if you get jealous. YES IT IS WEIRD. We know if you get jealous then it means you care. We judge how serious you get. I mean sometimes we just want to see the aggression. We want to see the passion. We want to see you get caveman like. So don't be a flower and say nothing because she will think you must not care about her that much.

In closing

Here our some last tips from a female to males. For every question that is asked by a female to a male, your answer will always come to her in two meanings. One of those meanings maybe more positive then the other. So tell her that your answer is the most positive that came to her not the one that makes her pissed off. No matter what any female, even if she is a sweet heart, never speak praise of an ex girlfriend or talk about her more than you do her.She will get the message she is still number one to you and she is number two. Speak to her heart when she gets mad, tell her that you know sometimes you do things that annoy her but if you was perfect she would be bored. When she wants to take quizzes with you and do silly things like that its her way of bonding with you. Just remember females over think, so keep in mind she is doing this to see your feelings for HER. If you mention another girl you have entered a zone of death and she will assume that you are not serious about her. When she asks about your future plans give her a clear picture you could say money, house, wife, maybe children. That will be enough to have her think there is hope for you.


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