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Mirror Mirror On The Wall: How an Average Looking Person Can Become Stunningly Beautiful OverNight

Updated on June 19, 2013

There is no amount of eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick that can beautify an ugly woman. This is an undeniable fact. Recently in the news several young buxom beauties found themselves forced into drug treatment centers or behind prison bars. Their once envied names became the focus of shameful news reports. Their faces plastered across countless supermarket tabloids like wanted criminals.

Almost overnight ladies with to-die-for figures, glistening hair, and smiles that would melt a mans heart across the room lost their beauty in our eyes. It seemed within the blink of an eye our so called ‘idols’ and unofficial reigning beauty queens became like cheap heifers in expensive clothes. Their names blackened with embarrassing tales of public drunkenness or worse. Others took bad advice from not-so-hot advisers. Their planned “wardrobe malfunctions” meant to cause a media frenzy backfired and instead received public protest and ridicule.

Their good looks did not change or fade overnight. They are not any different today as five minutes before headlines broke. So what what happened, where did their beauty go? It went the way of the long past Roman Empire, the Dinosaur, and the Dodo Bird. It washed away under the rinse test of time that sifts out the true beauties from ever-fading good looks.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?


Why Does This Matter?

Consider this...

  • Your daughters, grand daughters, sisters, and other women you care for will imitate the example you give them (Lerner, Noh, & Wilson, 1998).

  • I know I can do it! (self efficacy) and Self Esteem (I feel good about myself) are both important for success (National Association of School Psychologists, 2010). Your children will learn both of these from your example.

  • Only 2% of women consider themselves beautiful (Media Awareness Network, 2010)

  • Children can grow to become more successful strong, sufficient adults when they feel loved, valued, and accepted (M.Grose, Brainy Child, 2011)

Her choices about relationships, marriage, and her own worth as a woman will be influenced by these factors. It Matters, if not for you, for our daugthers...

Women who suffer with the belief that they are just a 'plain Jane', homely, average, or even ugly in appearance may not take comfort in these truths. It may not move a seemingly ‘ugly’ woman who has never heard the words “you’re hot” or “you’re a 10”. This is an issue because most young adolescent women connect their beauty with their self worth (Kostanski & Gullone, 2003). It affects how we interview for jobs, the ability to accept abuse in some unhealthy relationships, and even can contribute to depression and anxiety.

Many women tire of hearing “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, or “true beauty is on the inside”. This holds little satisfaction for a woman who desperately desires to be as beautiful on the outside as she feels on the inside. Statements like "Mother Theresa’s beauty was greater than a super models gorgeous looks because her beauty was on the inside". This is pointless to a woman who wants to find a potential mate who will feel she is worth the wait; beautiful on the inside (like Mother Theresa) but also desirable on the outside too.

Ultimately It’s the competition factor that is at fault. This is second only a natural desire for love. Together these two issues are a powerful weapon women wield against their worst enemy: their own selves. Comparing ones self to other women in hopes of deciding if they are worth receiving love and affection is a pointless losing battle. There will always be someone else who is just a little better, brighter, prettier, or more worthy of attention. The answer to this dilemma is a simple one…


How do you become more beautiful overnight?

  1. Find the truth

  2. Fight for the truth

  3. Walk in the truth

These are the keys to help an average person become more beautiful now. Notice I did not say “feel” more beautiful, why? Because sometimes our feelings mislead us.


I asked a young lady recently “which flower is more beautiful, a closed bud of a rose, a slightly open bud, or a rose in full bloom”. Her answer surprised me. She described the closed bud was most beautiful and precious as it held potential, symbolized new life, and was like true beauty. I was impressed to hear this from a middle schooler. I explained I could find fifty people who would agree with her, others would choose the slightly open bud, and even more the rose in full bloom. Like a persons choice for the most attractive rose; beauty is what you believe to be true.

The truth is you are beautiful. If you are unaccomstomed to viewing yourself this way, it may take you a moment to find it. However, when you look for it and agree with this truth, that’s the beginning of becoming more beautiful. Once you find beauty, then look for another, then another, and another.

Accept the fact that God fashioned and formed you specially. Maybe you’ll first notice it in the eyes He gave you, or your beautiful skin. Maybe it’s your curly hair, or strong beautiful bone structure. This is important so don’t discount this. It’s not in the clothes you wear, jewels, or hairstyles. It’s the person God made you.

***A special note for those who would suggest your outside is not important: God did not create us just to be a spirit floating and wafting through the air. No, we were made with a physical body for a reason. This is a gift we have been given. We do not rejoice in the created thing, but as good children should, when given a gift, at the very least be grateful, thankful, and appreciative.

When you have accepted the truth: You are beautiful and everything you are is a gift from God, move towards the next step.


So often we ignore the truth when its there before our eyes. It’s important to prevent ourselves from fall back into the old pattern of comparing, discounting, then returning to accept that we are less than beautiful. When you begin to compare yourself to someone else immediately remind yourself of the truth: You are a beautiful gift from God. Then move towards the next step


This can be the most difficult step, or the funnest and most rewarding! it’s your choice. When you step out into the world each day remind yourself "I am a beautiful creation of God", then walk and act like you mean it! When you interact with others, do so like the beautiful creation you are. Almost immediately you (and others) may notice a change in your appearance. You will begin to receive more compliments as others see a grateful, confident, and more beautiful new you.

One final note about walking in the truth:

This truth is not yours alone. Yes, you are a wonderful creation from God and this is the same for other people too. Search for the beauty in others. Notice how God has formed and fashioned each persons to His exact specifications. See them the way He does, how He loves them too. Another small miracle will take place: you’ll grow more and more beautiful on the inside as you see other people as beautiful, valuable, worthy of respect and love.

You are beautiful!

I will give thanks to You because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made. Your works are miraculous, and my soul is fully aware of this. (Psalms 139:14, God's Word Translation, 1995)

PLEASE NOTE: I have not attempted to sell you a new push-up bra, makeup, hair relaxer, or plastic surgery option. Because this is not a 'high money' making scheme less people will have the opportunity to view this. If you feel this may be of benefit to someone you know, please consider sharing this article (see options below)

Please enjoy the video clips.


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    • steffsings profile image

      steffsings 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Hello Maria Cecilia: Very true you mentioned something important "vanity" is selfish and puffed up with pride. Aprreciating the sovereignty of God & learning to love His well planned choice to make us specially & uniquely is 'humble' & beautiful. Thank you for your great insights & sharing a little about your own experiences

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

      NIce one appreciating oneself is the best way to feel beautiful, trusting the Lord for what he gave us, and one must not compare herself to another..thus we must not feel fortunate to the distraction of others.. People's instinct is to build vanity, how good feeling it could be if you are the kind of girls that men wanted to be as his girlfriends..LOL but that is not what life is all about.. I'm on the heavier side and I once lost 40 lbs or more, but those were the loneliest part of my life... you I have always been fat all my life, but when my dream to become slimmer was granted, that was the time I felt insecure the most...

    • steffsings profile image

      steffsings 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Thank you Prairieprincess. It's an honor to have your comments. "Beautiful Wednesday" sounds like an interesting midweek resource for encouragement. I hope you will share a link to your blog site here.


    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada

      Amen, amen and amen. You said this so well that I wish I would of written it! I am going to share this and put a link on my blog for my "Beautiful Wednesday" series. Thank you for writing this. I hope many people read it. Take care!

    • steffsings profile image

      steffsings 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Crackers10: I agree, it is important for males and females to know their worth and true source of beauty (or handsomeness). Thank you for your comments.

      Stephanie M: You've made my day; I am so glad that you were encouraged. Thank you for your comments.

    • crackers10 profile image

      crackers10 6 years ago from DreamWorld

      I love this hub.It is well thought out and very true. It is exactly what everyone male or female should do. Unfortunately not everyone agrees. And not everyone cares.I wish they would.

    • profile image

      Stephanie Moulton 6 years ago

      Great article, and very encouraging to me today. Thank you.

    • profile image

      angela 6 years ago