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True love is sometimes hard to find

Updated on February 16, 2012
When she leapt at me at the school gate....It was something
When she leapt at me at the school gate....It was something
When we both went to the sea..
When we both went to the sea..

I just remembered that how I felt after my first girl friend broke my heart. I should have known and I should have trusted my friends who always said that 'she's is not into you'. However, one can't tell this to his heart especially when you hear her voice pounding in your heart. One day I gathered myself and went to her to express my feelings. I was very excited that after all these years finally I have the audacity to tell her what I always wanted to say throughout my life. I wanted to say that I was mad about her. Her hair, her lips, her hands and each and every action just mesmerizes me and I am lost in dreams just like the Bollywood actors starts singing. The only thing which I did wrong was that I always thought that her reply will be an affirmation as she always used to praise me about how I used to back her up and used to cry when we were far away from each other in holidays.

I remembered that how Tania desperately wanted to see me after the Christmas Holidays and her eyes were looking for me waiting at the school gate. After seeing me coming out of my car her eyes filled with excitement and joy as if she found each and everything she always wanted. But some times the result is good when you stay in your limitations and one shouldn't expect more from life. I am writing this poem which I wrote when I was heart broken.

A feeling, a flux whatever we call

With a rose in hand look how he marches on

As the distance is long his expectations grew tall

A flippant reply is there and all his happiness is gone

No one came to see the fall foliage in his heart

None die but still blood all over after this blast

Nothing but wreckage to fill the empty cart

Such a feeling is for all irrespective of the caste

I moved on and she too but I can never forget her and still sometimes I talk to her. I can't resist the temptation to talk to her again as perhaps deep down in my heart I feel the same way as before. When will she understand that she can't live without me too..................... I will wait for her.


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    • profile image

      king 18 months ago

      this full story belongs to me i am also fall in love of someone like this i LOVVVVVVE HER SOOOOOOO MUCHHHH and i never and ever forgets her