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Missing You

Updated on September 3, 2012

As I looked at you that first day

I thought many things....

When I spoke to you on that first day

I spoke of my direct intent...

When I kissed you on that first day.....

my body exploded like a contained bottle of coke that

had been shaken for a decade but never released..

I can not forget your scent....

it called to me whenever you were near me

and it drugged me whenever I was with you

it was an aroma I could not get enough of

i did not want to get enough of and i always

wanted more

Your smile and laughter always made me

feel like a child that had been given her

favorite toy.. i glowed in reaction to you

to all of you..all the time

How I miss our mental affair, it drove me insane

and took me away from everything else more important

our time was never our time

there was never the action but

the intent was clear....but never done

how I miss ...the opportunity

to be with you

It would of ruined me for life , to be able

to use you ..but not have you

I wanted to be used....I didn't care

how, when or where...I just wanted to be

consumed by your energy..I wanted to hear you

whisper to me

I wanted you to be within me and make me become one

with you

How I miss that opportunity

time was not mine to change

time was not mine to make more of

time was not my friend

I would still take you

I would still runaway with you

no matter what the cost

It would be a moment of pleasure

that I would be paying for a lifetime

you are my guiltiest pleasure I could never

indulge in

I am missing you still


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