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Mistakes Men Make in Relationships

Updated on February 19, 2015

The Mistakes Men Make In Love As Mature Adults (30+)

When you find yourself making the same mistakes, choosing the same hoorible women, and never finding fulfillment in love we must examine the common denominator-you.

Here are some of the reasons why you are choosing the wrong women:

  1. Lust of the eye/flesh above anything else. While attraction is relevant in relationships that can not be your only requirement and excuse character and internal features of a woman. She looks good but she's a golddigger/she's selfish/untrustworthy/liar. She looks good but she's ignorant and/or broke. Intelligence, morals, and values do count.

  2. Low self-esteem. When you don't feel good about yourself (despite the career/vehicle/clothing presented) you will choose women that do no love you. You will convince yourself that she is a “challenge” to you but the truth is you don't love yourself so you chase and value people you have to convince/beg to love you. No matter how much money you spend or what you do for them they will never truly love you. If you consistently date women that demand money, bills paid, shopping sprees, accessories then they are making it clear your relevance is providing money to their needs. If you date women that you move mountains for and they do not care or appreciate it, perhaps they are broken too, most likely they don't care for you.

  3. The need to rescue. While it's great to feel needed, you have to know that reaching over the boat of sane decisions and preparation to pick someone out of the ocean will most likely result in you falling out of the boat. When you meet women who demand material items and make $10 an hour-something does not match. Partnering with a woman without savings, vision, education/trade indicates a mentality that is not a winning one 9 times out of 10. (a) Case and point: I once heard on a radio this man who started a relationship with a woman of no sense/planning. He was upset that during their 1 year relationship he ended up spending $10,000 of his savings on her. (b) When you meet a woman who constantly needs financial assistance with bills she will destroy anything that you are trying to build because her mindset regarding money is flawed. If you give an idiot that's broke $1,000 it will be spent on dining out, clothing, purse/shoes, and most likely within a week they will cry broke again. What's broken?-Her mentality and priorities in life.

  4. Selfish women. Women that never do anything for you is a sign that they are trying to take as much as they can from you. They never surprise you with things that you enjoy because they are only trying to get everything out of you. They only pay for dinner or give you something-one a year. Think about when you were a kid on the playground. Your friends shared generously because they liked you. They never shared in measure.

  5. Poor parental examples and negative marriages. Some of you have been tainted by your bickering parents that have been together for 40 years arguing and fighting that you have a negative association regarding relationships and marriage. Some of you have never had both parents around and can (unfortunately) have no examples of healthy relationships or influence from one parent was missing from your life consistently. Work on these issues, they do play a huge role in the women you choose. If you have issues with your mother you can be prone to choose women who argue, are distant from you, resent women, or believe relationships are misery. If your father wasn't there you may suffer from low self-esteem, lack of belief to achieve, and inability to lead or make decisions.

  6. In your relationship you should have a friend. Compatibility is important. If you are sitting across from the table from someone and can't reveal yourself or your sitting in silence please remember: there is nothing worse than being around someone and being alone. If she can't laugh and joke with you, she probably doesn't like you.

  7. She only comes around when you are spending money. Bad sign. While dating it is expected for you to take her out. That's true. But after months of dining and anytime you offer to have a low key night and hang out (to mix it up) she can't be found-recognize the truth of the situation.

  8. You should know the difference between a woman you play with and someone you build a future with at this age. When you are considering a long term relationship the woman should have a good head on her shoulders (investing, 401k, education/trade), care about you genuinely as a person, kind heart, loving spirit, and care for you. If you have children she should care for your children as she loves you because they are an extension of you. BTW-if she wants you but doesn't love or want your children around – throw her back, she's not a keeper (selfish).

  9. Lack of spirituality or values IN PRACTICE. Everyone is taught to say they are a good person but what do you observe. Is the person a liar with the little things because if they lie (are deceitful) about little things, they will lie about the big things. Do you see they are kind to others? How do they treat wait staff and people in your presence? Pay attention to what you see because how a woman conducts herself reveals her heart.

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