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The Look of Modern Wedding Invitations

Updated on March 8, 2013
Black and Aqua Folder Invitation
Black and Aqua Folder Invitation

Colors of Modern Wedding Invitations

Modern wedding invitations have many distinctive characteristics with color being one of the most exciting traits. The colors included in the invitation design can make them uniquely personalized to the couple’s tastes and personalities.

Colored invitation papers have become a unique option in both light and dark tones. It’s important to remember that your ink imprint color should be chosen so it is easily readable on the colored paper. Patterned backgrounds are also becoming quite stylish including paisley and retro themes.

When it comes to invitation design, bold and vivid colors are popular including many unexpected color combinations that are quite striking in their contrasting appearance.

Examples of some chic color combos for modern wedding invitations are…

  • Pink and black
  • Blue (turquoise) and black
  • Red and black
  • Pink and brown
  • Green and brown
  • Peach and brown
  • Blue (turquoise) and brown
  • Pink and green
  • Peach and green
  • Orange and red
  • Grey and pink
  • Grey and yellow
  • Grey and green


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