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A Look at Online Dating

Updated on April 4, 2015

Types of Dating Sites

Not everyone is a social wiz. They feel awkward meeting people. Facebook can be seen as a dating site. Baby boomers are a booming market for dating online. is a new dating app for people over 50. Many in San Francisco opt for online dating because everything is online now and it is easier to contact people that way.

More and more people seem to be using it in these times. It is difficult sometimes to connect with people. One wonders if one could find a meaningful relationship online. Is it true that answering questions about oneself could lead to finding someone? is probably the most popular service. It uses a personality test to help people to connect. People do not always tell the truth. Most people I think do tell the truth. There is just about a dating service for everyone. That is the fascinating part about it now. was actually inspired by a service called Tact in New York City. It asked people questions and used them to match them up. Guys were asked which hairstyle they liked for instance and women were asked what pictures of sports, fishing, etc. they liked. It was a computer dating service.

Another popular dating service is eHarmony. It started as a Christian dating service. There are other Christian dating services now. and eHarmony are supposed to be the two most popular ones, especially for the paid sites.

Two sites that younger people are using now that are free are OKCupid (bought by and Tinder. There are differences in the people on the sites according to one person that tried them. Tinder is more out there according to them. One example is that the guy is more likely to be a touring musician on Tinder. The guys on OKCupid would wear shirts and the ones on Tinder would take theirs off. Another free site the younger crowd were supposed to like is Plenty of Fish. It comes up as Others can also use them.

Mensa has its own online dating if people qualify. It is not that big a part of it I don't think. People can go to the events in person.

There is a new service called Inside the Supernatural that was started by Kreskin. You do need to pay for it after the introduction. I thought it would be interesting to meet others that are interested in the supernatural.

The site I had wondered about was That seemed to be a bit much to me. I saw on TV a girl had plastic surgery to join it. I don't think that was really necessary. She was turned down at first. I was curious and I wanted to look at it. You can't look without logging in. So I used another picture as I did not really want to use my own. I used a chimp's picture. People vote on it for if they want you on it or not. It got a few votes but did not make it. I looked at the people and they were not that beautiful. They looked pretty ordinary.

I think they must go for younger people, but maybe that is not the only thing. They have events also. If you go to the events they can turn you away if you have let yourself go.

There are also sites where people, mostly women, can look for rich millionaires. There is one that has what it calls sugar daddies looking for good looking women.

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You can meet more people that way. You might be able to meet someone you would not have had a chance to before.

Other people on there are also interested in dating. They should be unmarried.

You do have a chance to look for just the type of person that you want.

You can decide if you want to go out with the person or not without too much drama. It might be easier to do that online than in person.

You get a chance to check out their profile. If you are interested you can also then look them up on the Internet for other information.


The pictures that they show in ads for the dating online companies are said to be phony. They may be allowed to use models for it.

People can misrepresent themselves. There was that Catfish movie on online dating. The TV show was better. They interviewed different people who had used online dating and had bad experiences.

There are well known scams from Russian dating sites where women are looking for a husband. They then ask for money to come to visit and more and more money.

You have to watch it. Just because someone applies, they are not all checked out and gentlemen. Carol Markin, a filmmaker, wrote a book about her experience dating on It is called "Bad Dates." A man raped her from it on a date. There was just recently another rape from online dating.

I am afraid myself that the guys are afraid of talking to girls or women. I think that it gets a bit vapid and superficial. You can waste your time that way.

People that use online dating sites can be seen as being desperate. One site owner said one of the girls had so much attention. If that is true why was she using that and not meeting people?

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Online Dating Sites

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Ten Rules of Online Dating

Tinder Dating Real Life


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      A co-worker used to post on several dating sites and when she showed me the photo she used, I almost laughed out loud. It was from several years (and many pounds) prior and made her look like a different person. She wondered why she usually didn't get repeats after the first date. She was really misrepresenting herself. Being authentic is more important than being "perfect."

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