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Christmas at Casa Bordeaux

Updated on January 2, 2015

Casa Bordeaux

The year-end has come so quickly that it seems as if yesterday I was in Vegas for the wedding but time waits for no one they say. So I am in Baja, Mexico with family as I stated in my earlier blog it has been rainy for 4 days now and things are flooding. Yes, they needed the rain but not all at once. In San Diego they say “The Rose Bowl Parade” will be cold this year for the first time. Can we think about Global warming for just a minute? I know if has some facts that we need to worry about but that’s another blog let’s get on with Christmas. Rain is stopping and starting but not all of the time. The house is coming together after six weeks of not having any activity in it so we sweeping, vacuuming and cleaning just get things into place for this day. WOW! We made it and we are tired to the bones. Not one bone but all of my bones that would be from the top of my head to my toes, is that all of my bones? Okay, enough with those bones.

Boarder Crossing

Off we go across the boarder to get to the stores in USA. Let me just say that I was not ready for what I saw at the boarder. Mexico has a job for everyone I think and see but people are everywhere from selling hats, blankets, pictures, lamps, clothing of any kind it is a market while you are waiting to cross the boarder, I don’t have a sentry pass yet so we went in the slower lane to make it into USA.


To San Diego

Over the hills and valleys’ to get to San Diego, which is beautiful a word over used but correct to describe the landscaping, shopping and the people as well. It took 3 hours in one store, 2 in another store and 1 ½ in another store, my legs, let’s just say my body was ready to DROP to the ground and sleep. But my sister-in-law (we call her sweetie) still has steam in her engine and I told her I would sit in the car and wait. Waiting at this point was a blessing. We left home at 9:45am, took 55 minutes to get across the boarder then we were ready to shop. It is now 6:15 pm and all I have eaten was a beef hot dog from Costco's.

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This is my view from the car while my sister-in-law is in a store called Vonn’s, and it is packed to the doors. Look-out point Melody is in the car hoping that the trip back wills less than the trip into San Diego. We are now leaving San Diego and going back but there is a catch my brother calls and now needs tile for the garage for the men on Friday and Saturday. Knew it was to good to be true, now we have the tile and on our way back to Mexico. It is now 7:15 pm and we are back at Casa Bordeaux to start the Christmas events. Now the door bells is ringing, the company starts arriving and we are now ready to Monday night week of Christmas events. It was great with there friends coming in and out exchanging gifts and having some treats along with wine to end this day of shopping and turning this long day of storing into a fun evening of laughs, pictures, gifts and memories that I will take away with me as I return back to Saint Charles, Missouri.


As you can see this group let’s no grass grow under there feet, they have a theatre group, clubs and many treasure as I stated before that are not seen or written by travel catalogs. Christmas just isn’t Christmas as I remembered it in my past but the future is better than before. Adults are making leaps and bounds into the world and Mexico is just a dessert evolving into itself own, I am glad to have made my first of many journeys into Baja Malibu, Mexico. ¡Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo! Translation Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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