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Creating a Woman Cave

Updated on March 7, 2013

If the men can do it, why can't we?

For years the men in our lives have been staking places in the home and calling it their "man cave". Littered with sports memorabilia or whatever their current hobby is. They shut you and the kids out (if you have any), invite over the boys and that's it. It could be hours before they emerge. But what about you ladies? Do you have your own "mom cave" or if you aren't a mom a "woman cave"? Well if not, don't you think it's time that you get one? If you are hard pressed to find time for yourself, let alone an inch of space in an already cluttered house, have no fears. It only takes a moment and a few feet to create your perfect zen retreat!


How to create your "Cave"

 First and foremost you must find a spot. And no worries really, the "cave" can really be anywhere. Such as a guest bedroom or an used closet or even a space in the corner of the babies room. If the place you choose has no windows near by then you should think about hanging mirrors to help bounce the light around and create an illusion of more space.

Next you need to find a way to shut out the world. If the place you choose for your "cave" is lacking a door then think about buying a room divider or screen. Even a simple sheet could do.

Thirdly you need to make the space your own. It's not really going to feel like your "special" place unless you add some of your personality to it. Paint the walls or get some wallpaper. It's a great way to make it really feel like you are at home. Hang some pictures as well and maybe add a plant. But be sure to not overdo it on the decorations or else you will just feel cramped and stressed. If you are lacking storage for things then hang some minimalist shelving for much needed organization.

And last but not least - get comfortable. This is your mom/woman cave after all. You work just as hard as the man in the family so you deserve some you time as well. So when choosing the right furniture choose wisely. Don't over do it. Make sure you are choosing pieces of furniture that are going to make you comfortable, but won't clutter up your space to much. And always surround yourself with the things that you love. So it is crucial that you feel at home and comfy in your cave.

Never forget that "Do Not Disturb" sign either!


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    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      hehe. Well - I've always managed to have my own "cave" area - now, though, the entire house is my cave and I can tell you, one values it more when it must be carved out! But it is a real necessity for both men and women! Good hub, gqgirl!! GO!!

    • gqgirl profile image

      Sabrae 7 years ago from Georgia

      Don't we all? LOL

    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 7 years ago from Cyberspace

      Haha, I need a Mom Cave!!!