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Updated on July 22, 2016

".-My ex -

" Why did you leave me? Please come back to me.I love you so much",said the message on my phone.

I replied, "I guess you are drunk know why I left you!"

"I have made some mistakes but no one can ever love you like I do."

"Some mistakes? Some?"

"Many. I know I made many mistakes.I hit you many times when you had no fault at all. I embarrassed you many times in front of people by calling you a bitch. I disrespected your parents. I insulted all your friends. I slept with someone else and you forgave me. I even chased away the dog you loved unconditionally. You always forgave me through I treated you like some worthless shit. I did everything worst to you but I have changed and this time, for real. All I ask is one last chance and this time, for real. I love you so much.please, come back to me and I really mean it when I say that no one can ever love you like I do."

I read the message and didn't know what to reply. He was someone I had once loved for real.

Right at the moment, the man sleeping with me woke up and said," sweetie, why are you still awake?"

I lied, "not feeling sleepy; just having some backache."

He smiled, "see, I told you to let me wash the clothes. Tomorrow onwards, you are not going to do anything. You will just relax and I promise that I will spend tomorrow watching your favorite series. And this weekend, I promise to take you to your favorite restaurant. I love you sweetie. Now, let me massage your back."

He was still sleepy but he started to message my back. Tears started to fall down my cheeks. I quietly replied the text, " dear, I can never love anyone like I love you but someone does love me more than you ever did."

I switched off the phone, turned around and kissed my second husband.

- Hrishabh uike


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