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Love,Lets Talk About Everything

Updated on September 17, 2009

Ahh Great Pillow Talk

After Pillow Talk, This is What Can Happen.....Pillow Talk Series Vol.1
After Pillow Talk, This is What Can Happen.....Pillow Talk Series Vol.1

Pillow Talk Time Could Save Your Marriage

This will be a new series for my Hubs and on my website at

Its called the Pillow Talk Series.

The pillow talk series will entail everything from sex to marriage, to investing when it comes to couples. This has nothing to do with kama sutra things or anything graphic, just things that everyday people like myself, and you can relate to. I am in a wonderful relationship of almost 3 years as of Oct. 25th. 2009. 3 years........!!!! When I think about it, it blows my mind. It has not always been a smooth yellow brick road, but what would life be if everything was perfect?

It would be boring! So welcome to the Pillow Talk Series here via Hub Pages... Please support the pillow talk series and invite your friends and family and other Hub Members to read up on these Pillow Talk Series of Hubs and support Pillow talk.

Pillow Talk Time Could Save Your Marriage

For those that are still wondering what exactly Pillow talk is..... Its the time that you have when you are in bed with your wife, husband, lover, friends, companion etc.. whatever you want to call your significant other. Pillow talk is time to discuss EVERYTHING that affects you and this special person in your life. Pillow talk can be as simple as a Hello, How was your day? Pillow talk could be something sexual. Yes sexual. Whatever it is that your partner loves, Pillow Talk could begin with that special move, kiss, nibble, well I think you get the point. Pillow talk needs to become part of every relationship. A special bond that you share with this person allows Pillow Talk to blossom into something real and important that you can experience on a level that you both cannot fathom.

If I was giving a seminar I would ask right now with a show of hands how many couples go to bed with the TV on, or just give a kiss and say goodnight and head off to dreamland? everybody has raised their hands I see.....

This first Hub on Pillow Talk is just the beginning to get you thinking about Pillow Talk time with your loved one. Life happens, Shhhhhhh happens, you both can make Pillow Talk Happen.

Pillow Talk Could Save Your Marriage,

Try it out on your own, before I start my official Pillow Talk Series......


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