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Money and Love- The balancing act...

Updated on July 9, 2010

           Money is important but it shouldn't be the driving factor in determining who you date or don't date.I am not saying that it shouldn't factor at all on the contrary it should, just as much as anything else in the relationship should.

          However it shouldn't be the focus of every conversion because for one, you don't want your partner to think you are on a mission to bleed them dry or worse still that you cant even splurge a little on yourself let alone on them.

          Take for instance, ladies like to look good and men like getting the thumbs up from their friends when they are complimented over how "fly" their chick is...but does this mean the dude should up and tell his woman that I will pay to get your hair done when the lady hasn't volunteered the need for help?

          Don't get me wrong a lady would love to save a little if the opportunity arose but on the other hand she might think "he thinks my hair is a disaster"...and this is when things start to go into overdrive, that's when expired issues start resurrecting...things like "its probably why you didn't want to go out to the new club the other day"

          So i guess the million dollar question is, what do you do when she doesn't want your help yet she feels like you have neglected her?

         Its my belief that the answer to this lies not in what you dont do but more on what you do.

         In my opinion the dude should wow her...make her feel good that she had her hair done beyond the routine of having to do

         Take her out to dinner better yet do a dinner at home and its works out even better if you go the "real" food way candle light and all. Some of you might think what do those of us who have no bearing on where the kitchen stuff is or even how to operate it...then when she is out take it as the opportunity to go and grab a few "real" meals and come set them up at home.

She like any other lady, will appreciate the thought. We all love to be pampered but nothing gets things going like a thoughtful dude...penny pincher or not.


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      Rahe 7 years ago from Clearwater


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      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      fantastic great write read thanks