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Monogram Cake Topper - Where to Find Monogram Cake Toppers and Initial Cake Toppers for Weddings

Updated on September 20, 2011

Nothing will make your cake more personal or elegant than a Monogram Cake Topper.

This is such a great time to purchase a monogram wedding cake topper because due to their increasing popularity, manufacturers have designed so many beautiful options to choose from.

Choices include:

  • Silver Monogram Cake Toppers
  • Cheap or Inexpensive Monogram Toppers
  • Glass Initial and Monogram Cake Toppers
  • Rhinestone Cake Monogram Toppers
  • Swavorski Crystal Monogram CakeToppers

These pieces also make fantastic keepsakes for after the wedding or event and will look great displayed in any china cabinet or shelf in your your home.

Simply have the cake inserts clipped off or inserted into a beautiful stand and display these beautiful monogram toppers where you can enjoy them everyday.

Monogram cake toppers are not just used for weddings anymore either. They are perfect for Sweet Sixteens, Special Anniversary Parties, company parties or even birthday parties where the guest of honor gets to keep the Initials as a keepsake as a great present.

Read on to discover all of the wonderful monogram cake topper options available, their prices and where you can purchase them below.

Monogram Cake Topper - Silver Monogram Cake Toppers

You have some wonderful options when it comes to Silver Monogram Cake Toppers

You can purchase

  • Rounded silver initials
  • More modern flat 3 dimensional silver initials
  • Silver adorned with crystals
  • Silver adorned with silver sparkle
  • Brushed Silver
  • Combination of Silver with sporadic crystals or adornments

Prices range anywhere from $12.00 to $35.00 depending on your needs or your budget. You can also choose between buying each initial separately or can save money by purchasing some of these in sets.

Simply click on the blue link next to the item for a larger picture, description and prices.

Monogram Cake Topper - Cheap and/or Inexpensive Mongoram Cake Topper

If you are in the market for an elegant cake on a lower budget, these monogram cake toppers may be just what you are looking for!

They will all add elegance to your beautiful cake but at a price that no one would ever guess.

While they all retail for under $25.00, they will still make your cake stand out stunningly!

Monogram Cake Topper - Acrylic and Etched Glass Monogram Cake Topper

This clear acrylic square cake top showcases an elegant etched initial in the center. 4" x 4". Letters not available: I,Q,U,X.

Monogram Cake Topper - Rhinestone Monogram Cake Toppers

Make your cake sparkle and shine under the beautiful lights with these Rhinstone Monogram Cake Toppers.

Average price for crystal rhinestone monograms runs around $30.00.

Fancier Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones can run quite a bit higher, but if you are a fan of Swarovski and plan on displaying it after the ceremony or party - it might be worth investing in.

Monogram Cake Topper - Swarovski Crystal

While these Swarovski Monogrammed cake toppers are a little more on the expensive side, they will no doubt be the talk of the wedding as they gleam and sparkle.

Most of these cake toppers do not have removable stems, but if displayed in a block of wood, will make a stunning display for your bedroom, dining room or family room after the event is over.

If you are a fan of Swarovski, even better. This will add such a very special piece to your collection.


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