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Monogrammed Cake Toppers for Your Wedding

Updated on April 9, 2011
Monogram cake topper
Monogram cake topper | Source

A classic way to customize various items and give them a personal touch involves the use of monograms. Depending on the type of lettering used, monograms can lend an air of sophistication, whimsy, tradition or eclectic influence to many items, including stationery, clothing, jewelry, luggage and home furnishing items such as sheets and towels. A beautiful and elaborate single-letter monogram looks gorgeous on an accent pillow for a well-dressed bedding ensemble.

Monograms do not have to be limited to items in the home, however. They can be used in social settings, to add an elegant or professional setting to a gathering. They can also establish a sort of "branding," as when used for a wedding and included on everything from the invitations, to the cake top, wedding favors, and other items.

Wedding cake toppers in the shape of a monogram have become a new, updated replacement for the traditional bride and groom figurine. The monogram continues to represent tradition, with a more modern, sophisticated look. Using a monogrammed cake topper sets the stage for a stylish monogram theme throughout the entire wedding.

Finding a monogram cake top does not require large amounts of effort or special orders for overpriced pieces. Many outlets, both online and brick and mortar, have several styles of pre-made cake topper initials available to choose from. Look for a letter style that fits your taste and the style of your wedding's theme. Also, consider the different materials available and how they would compliment your theme.

When comparing different monogrammed cake toppers, the available selection will include cake topper initials made of gold, silver, clear acrylic, various colors, as well as metals with crystals embedded in, or glued on them. Sparkle works well for more formal affairs, and a clean and simple ceramic, silver or gold letter topper works well for events that are more casual.

There are many styles of monogram cake toppers for a bride and groom to consider. Look at offerings from more than one source; monogram cake toppers are still somewhat new to the scene and not all stores carry the best selection or have the best prices. Try to avoid wedding stores, as they will often have higher prices than other "non-wedding" stores.


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