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Monsters Under my Bed or Just Fear in my Head?

Updated on June 25, 2016

Do you remember those days when our parents had to check our closets and beds to ensure that there were no "monsters" hiding there? And the fear that lingered about us for ages after watching a horror movie! It all seems rather silly now, doesn't it?

I still remember my first horror movie and the creeps it gave me. I remember not being able to sleep alone or even go to the kitchen alone! My parents and older siblings always astonished me as they seemed fearless. It seemed like nothing could scare them and I always thought that I would be fearless too when I got older. Little did I know that fear is not just about the monsters under our beds, but rather about the thoughts in our heads.

As I grew older, I realized that fear is common throughout all ages, but its what we fear that changes as we mature. We start off as little troublemakers who are scared of the boogie-man and monsters. We then turn to pre-teens who fear our parents and teachers. Last but certainly not least, we mature into adults who fear too many things to be named here. As years pass, you realize that fears only grow with age. Call me crazy, but every time I sit by myself, my thoughts wander to great extents. Sometimes, rather dangerous extents which send shivers down my spine. It feels like all my worst fears come shooting at me like arrows from Katniss Everdeen's bow!


There are many things I fear and I am not afraid to say so. These fears are very common and I'm sure that everyone has given them a thought at least once in their lives. Fears about life, about love, about career, and about a thousand more things that can not be written down. I can surely say that I am not alone in fearing for the safety of my loved ones, and about how horrible life would be if I had lost even one of them. I'm also not alone in fearing what my future holds in store for me. Whether or not I would create a successful career and make the big bucks. I am also definitely not alone among the several millions of people who fear death. As you read this right this second there are thousands of people around the world suffering from unspeakable diseases who know that they cannot make it. Some people fear death knowing that their health will not last much longer, while others fear death from unexpected events or accidents. When I say 'fear death', I talk more about that of your loved ones rather than your own. This is because that crazy emotion of love starts to kick in and makes you put your loved ones in front of yourself. From a personal standpoint, I feel that one of the biggest fears is the fear of growing old with your better half and suddenly waking up one day and realizing that they left you alone. I am sure we all shed a few tears when the star-crossed lovers from 'The Notebook' and 'Up' grew old together and finally left this world. We think it is just a movie, but what we do not realize that it is reality! Every breath you breathe and every day you live is just a countdown to the day you will leave this world. And although I hate to admit it, no body has forever!

When the time finally comes, how could you live another day without the person you've spent the past few decades with? How hard must it be to walk around your home knowing there is something missing that cannot be found again? Just thinking about the possibility is enough to scare us, so how would we be able to live through that reality? Well.. to be honest with you, I just have that fear but no answer to go with it. You are probably swearing at me right now and I'm really sorry for that and I wish I had an answer but unfortunately I do not....

Each person's life is different, each with its own fears and answers. I can only say that it is okay to be scared. Sometimes its the most scared people who turn out to be the most strongest. It is fear that sometimes allows us to reach out to opportunities beyond our comfort levels and widen our horizon of hope! Life starts with birth and ends with death for each and every individual, what happens in between is up to us. Some achieve miracles in the little time they have while others go their whole lives with nothing to look back to. Some of the greatest achievers are not those who earn millions or fame, but rather those who spend their time doing their favorite things with their favorite people! Many of us spend our lives not living our dreams because we are living our fears. Don't let that person be you. It's okay to be scared but it is not okay to let that fear take over your happiness!


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Have you ever feared something so much that it stopped you from achieving your dream?

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    • laxmiranikunta profile image

      Elxar 17 months ago from Canada

      @Mel Carriere, I definitely agree with those fears as well. And it is true that they are also very common! It is for me at least! Thank you for your comment! :)

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 17 months ago from San Diego California

      How about fear of breaking out of our comfort zones? Not so much fear of failure, because failure is the norm in life, but fear of success? Fear of - what do I do for a follow up? Fear of - can I repeat what I did again? Sometimes we get so comfortable in our little niche that we don't do what we need to do to break out. Great hub.