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Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Updated on March 4, 2013

Wedding favors are seldom the highlight of a wedding. More often than not, they end up largely discarded and quickly forgotten. Fortunately, there are many unique wedding favor ideas.

Wedding favors can be as original as the people who are celebrating their wedding. There is nothing wrong with the “tried and true” familiar mementos. But the possibilities are endless, so the adventurous couple can lend their reception a definite wow factor.

Something personal is bound to work best. Here are some suggestions that might work – or that might inspire the perfect idea for a couple in search of something unique.


Vintage Tee Shirts

Any tee shirt can make a memorable favor. But a vintage-style shirt can be especially effective. In essence, if someone sees a shirt with throwback graphics, they’ll be likely to initially perceive it as “vintage,” instead of associating with an event. In effect, the old-fashioned graphics mask the fact that it’s from a wedding. The impression is oblique – and thus effective.

You can always screen print shirts yourself. But there are several online vendors for custom-made shirts, and local stores often offer generous bulk discounts.



If there’s an artistic creative type who’s willing to pitch in, then a custom-made comic themed to the couple can make an effective, unique wedding favor. If someone’s willing to do a full-fledged graphic novel, and if that fits within the wedding budget, then that’s great. But simple, one sheet, comics-page style strips can work just as well.



A lot of people don’t realize that you can use your own images for custom-made postage stamps. A list of websites is available at the postal service’s web site; is one option. Just as the post office issues stamps to commemorate historic events, you can make them as gifts for the guests as your own personal historic event.

At the end of the day, the possibilities for unique wedding favors are endless. These ideas only scratch the surface of what a creative couple can come up with.

More and more couples seek to make their big day a unique, personal day. Favors can make a memorable contribution to a once-in-a-lifetime day.


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