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Mother of the Bride Gift Ideas (or How to Get Off on the Right Foot!)

Updated on April 29, 2013

The Mother of the Bride gift is often overlooked or put on the low priority list, but I think it's one of THE most important wedding party gifts.

The bride's personality and values have been shaped and nurtured by this woman. She's Mom, and she's special.

Every groom should realise that his bride's mother is going to have a continuing strong influence on his family, so it's probably advisable to make an exceptional first impression. Keeping your new Mother in Law happy is a Good Plan!

Here are some ideas for a personalized Mother of the Bride gift that she'll remember and treasure ....

Wedding Preparation Gifts

The bride's mother will want to feel relaxed, confident and attractive on the wedding day. She will be playing a vital role in looking after a lot of the guests and she will feature in some of the wedding photos.

Pampering gifts to prepare her for the big day will always be appreciated. You could consider giving her vouchers, or taking her yourself (I'm talking to the bride here, but if you're a very forward thinking groom, go for it!).

Ideas for a wedding preparation Mother of the Bride gift could include:

  • A session at a spa (massage, facial ... the works)
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Hair and make-up for the day
  • Professional advice and help in choosing a wedding outfit
  • Fun make-over

Every woman is different in what she regards as pampering, so be sure to choose something that will make her feel comfortable, relaxed and special. If you're not sure, ask another female relative of about the same age who knows her well.

Hampers & Gift Baskets

Gifts you have personally chosen and put together into a hamper or a gift basket are always thoughtful and will be well received.

You could create a bag especially full of things the Mother of the Bride will need for the wedding. Items to include could be:

  • Hairspray and a comb
  • Nailfile, nail varnish and handcream
  • Deodorant, moisturiser, sunblock
  • Lipstick and lip balm
  • Tissues and towelettes
  • Bandaids, breath mints, headache tablets
  • Stockings, shoe pads
  • Mini sewing kit, safety pins
  • Pen and notepad

For an extra special touch, you could put everything in a new purse for her carry at the wedding.

Other suggestions could be to make up a gift basket of her makeup for the wedding, a relaxation kit containing scented candles, bath oils and music, or a hamper of her very favorite foods, including a good bottle of wine.

Photo Gift Ideas

One of the most beautiful gifts you can give the Mother of the Bride is a framed photograph of her with her daughter.

If you already know of an existing photo, frame a copy in a good quality frame personalized with your message, or with a handwritten message attached to the back.

Alternatively you could organize an outing to a professional photographer to have a mother and daughter portrait taken.

If you plan to take and use a photograph of the bride with her mother at the wedding, you can always give the photo frame as a Mother of the Bride gift, perhaps personalized with a message or with the date of the wedding. Include a card explaining your intention to give her the photo after the big day.

Special Occasion

More than likely, the Mother of the Bride has spent a lot of time and effort helping to plan and organize the wedding.

A clever groom could surprise mother and daughter by arranging a special outing just for the two of them to spend quality time together before the big day. A meal in a really nice restaurant, a day together at the spa or even an overnight stay in a classy hotel would all be great ideas.

Weddings are always a reminder of the bond between partners, and they bring back a lot of warm feelings and memories. An amazing gift idea would be to plan a romantic weekend away for the bride's parents to enjoy after the wedding - somewhere that the bride's mother would really enjoy.

Jewelry Gifts

It's hard to go wrong with good quality jewelry as a gift.

A locket containing a photo of the bride and her mother, either recent or from when the bride was a child, would be ideal.

A beautiful ring, bracelet or pendant would also all make gorgeous presents. Again, if you need help, ask a female relative or friend of the bride's Mom.

Jewelry can always be personalized by engraving on the back, which keeps your message private if you choose.


She's produced and raised a wonderful daughter ... and it's such a lovely gesture to thank her for everything. I'm sure the Mother of the Bride will appreciate your thoughtfulness in choosing a personalized gift especially for her.


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