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Mother Of The Bride Outfits and Flower Girl Dresses

Updated on December 12, 2015

Wedding Planning

There are so many aspects to take into consideration when planning a wedding. Not all of them need the same amount of attention, and not everything needs to be done with tedious, painstaking detail. But a wedding is a most special occasion that will only happen once in your lifetime (hopefully). So why shouldn’t everything be handled with the utmost care?

With careful planning and some clever ideas it is not impossible for you to have your dream wedding, and it does not have to be ridiculously expensive either. One element vital to a stylish wedding is proper attention to the outfits of the wedding party, clearly, apart from the words “black tie” on your invite, you cannot be in control of what your guests wear. But when it comes to the wedding party, it is a matter in which the bride can have a direct say on who is wearing what. After all, you’re going to have those photos for the rest of your life!

Obviously, the main outfits follow as such: the bride’s dress, the groom’s suit or tuxedo and the bridesmaid’s dresses. Whether your wedding has a clear theme, is classically black tie formal, or you are leaning towards a more casual affair, these outfits are vital. But what about the other members of the wedding?

Mother of the Bride

As with all wedding clichés, mother of the bride outfits can have a particularly bad stereotype along the lines of something frumpy, salmon pink, excessively floral, inappropriately youthful and the worst, large, hideous hats. This is quite sad, because your mother is one of the most important people in your life and should not have to be a blight to your wedding photos. So pick this outfit with care and consideration for the next 20 years…think along the line of Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy black dress, elegant and timeless, and a large pair of dark sunglasses to hide sniffles.

Remember too that you need to take her personal tastes into consideration along with the theme and colors you have chosen for your wedding. If she is lucky enough to find something readymade that fits and looks great at a local store in your city then that is fantastic. What if she is plus sized or very fussy though? Why not consider getting something custom made for her to wear. There are many websites now that specialize in this sort of business and the costs are often very reasonable. Obviously this needs to be done well in advance of your big day, not at the last minute.

Chief Bridesmaid

Since this role in the wedding is usually by the bride’s best friend, choose an outfit with dignity but that doesn’t unnecessarily age her too much. A maid of honor should stand out as a little different than the other bridesmaids but generally fit in with the theme and colors. Her dress could be a slightly different style or the same style but a different colour.

Flower Girl

This role is usually by a small girl child, a friend’s child or niece or maybe even little sister. Or sometimes even the family dog. No matter, the child should be outfitted according to the theme of the wedding, which can often means something frilly, in pink or yellow or white, with ruffles and some sort of little headdress, like a crown or bow. This outfit doesn’t need to consume much thought. It’s pretty simple and the little girl is usually very happy to play dress up and wear whatever you choose. Unless your wedding has a “cowboy” or “circus” theme, in which case, GO CRAZY.

Flower girl dresses can either be simple and inexpensive or elaborate and costly. You can buy them ready made at a store or online or have them custom made professionally or by a friend or family member that sews.


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