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Relationships: Having Someone To Share It With

Updated on March 16, 2013


It could be a lazy night on a tropical island where you're sipping cocktails near the water, or a day by the fire in a mountain chalet in the middle of a snow storm. It doesn't where you are or what you're doing when you've got someone.

How many times have you heard the saying that goes something like this:" Happiness is nothing without someone to share it with?" You probably thought a lot about it when you'd hear your grandmother insist that you would eventually find a nice girl. People from our grandmothers' generation thought long and hard about setting up their sons and daughters on blind dates. Listening to this definitely puts it out there that" hooking up" is a natural part of life.

For some, it is a bit of rebellion to just be out there " dating," and not sticking with one particular person. But, for those of us lucky enough to get together with someone we really enjoy being with, we know those older people were right. It is cool to "hook up."

It's actually more than that. It's a great way to live your life. If you're not with someone, think about what it would be like to have someone you love, care about every aspect of your life. It's more than a good feeling. It's very powerful. It can even give you a reason to get up in the morning, if you don't have one already.

One thing about this I know for sure is that you have to get yourself ready to be in a relationship. That means, along with other goals going to school is the right thing to do. If you invest in yourself you will be the best you can be. Don't you want to present the complete you?

If you do find someone, how can you make sure the two of you are communicating properly? In a communication theory class I once took, they told us that there must be someone sending a message, and someone listening to that message. Notice I said "listening," not "hearing." There's a difference. Someone can hear you and not actually be completely ingesting what you're saying. So there has to be some kind of banter back and forth so that each party knows that the other understands the message.

Problems arise when one person wears everything on their sleeve and the other person likes to keep it short and sweet. These communication styles don't really seem to go together. But, if you really like this person you'll find a way to get your message across so it's digested the way it was delivered.

The main idea here is that if you've got someone to share your life with and you know they're the right person for you, you'll find a way to work it.


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