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Moving From Dating To Courtship – Going To The Next Level.

Updated on March 17, 2010

In the heart of most individuals when they are in a relationship is for it to become a long term commitment.  After all, is it not the life time wish of most women to marry that special person and live happily ever after?  While this may be a fact it can also be argued the thrill of the chase at the beginning is more satisfying for some.

Getting hitched, finding that special person and maturing in love is the natural logical progression for most of the population.  With divorce rates ever increasing the overall impression could give the impression that marriage is a thing of the past. Yet there is still a vast number who believe in the sanctity of marriage and who are searching for their ideal partner, want to settle down and bring up a family.

Finding the right person therefore is paramount for those who desire a lifelong relationship. In this quest some basic questions need to be asked. Are you both looking for the same things in life? How far are you prepared to go for them or with them? How sincere are they?  Trust is very important in any relationship.  When you hear those precious words I love you, you want to be sure when they are said they are meant.  Without sincerity, openness and trust a relationship cannot move from base one to become serious.

Your future together does not have to be based on a written contract but you do have to have some agreements which will sustain you life together. Understanding what makes each other tick helps you to keep your relationship fresh and stamp boredom out.  Keeping your relationship alive will help you to limit the possibility of a breakdown. To achieve this you need to find ways to spice up your interactions e.g. buying little gifts, leaving little love notes etc.

As soon as the signs of a problem brewing start to emerge it is best to deal with them immediately. It is better to address a problem quickly than to leave it to fester.  If the problem is left unaddressed it could become more than it should.  The quicker it is dealt with the better, In order for the relationship to continue to blossom.

Going to the next level is a journey of small steps that inevitably will have high and lows, and many blessings at the same time.  At the end of the day there is no better feeling than being in a relationship with someone, growing old together and raising children together as a family.  No one who wants a surface level relationship can ever achieve this the way a loving committed on can.  If you are serious about going to the next level these are some of the steps you will need to follow.


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