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Moving On After A Break Up - Tips to Help You Move On After A Broken Heart

Updated on June 2, 2011

Are You Struggling With Moving On After A Break Up?

Are you currently struggling and having a very hard time moving on after break up? Here are a couple tips on how to help get you moving on from a relationship more quickly.

Good romantic relationships are generally split into two stages: the “Before Commitment” and “After Commitment” stages. However, at the same time poor relationships can certainly be separated into two specific stages of their own: “The Before Break-up” and “After Break-up” stages. There may be a little bit of dark humor there, since you will most likely believe you're in one of the two good relationship stages until it's too late.

It's possible that's the reason why depression, frustration, guilt and anxiety are only some of the feelings, which make moving on after a broken heart very common. Not surprisingly, you believe that the relationship is proceeding along just fine, simply because you are either committed to each other already, or planning to be.

And then, they drop the "break up bomb"! All of a sudden you find out you are now going through the After Break-up” stage.

The Very Best Tip for Moving On After A Break UP Is...

Probably the very best step you can take is, without a doubt, finding beneficial outlets for your time. Although you may really feel like punching a hole in the wall or some other detrimental things, they will not do anything whatsoever to help. The bottom line is to discover beneficial uses of your time. Keep active in your workplace or with your other obligations. If your lifestyle allows, you may also add a hobby or two. Try to be mindful to not add too much. You will find there's commonly a thin line between keeping yourself active and denial.

Having a very hard time moving on after break-up often translates into crawling into a little hole and swimming in self-pity. That could be a tad straight-forward for some people, nevertheless lets hope it shakes them up! You need to be with people. There is absolutely no other way around it.

Speak With A Friend Can Help You Move On After A Broken Heart

Consult with a trustworthy friend, if at all possible one that does not speak to your ex. Having somebody to pay attention to you will go a long way when it comes to helping you cope with the negative emotions you might be going through.

Despite the fact that friends do their best, occasionally they simply cannot listen enough. You might take this idea one stage further by obtaining assistance from a mental health expert or look for a therapist.  A number of people usually do not seek mental health professional out of fear of embarrassment or ridicule, however they are there to help, and are required to keep it all confidential.

Forgiveness - Forgive Your Ex and Forgive Yourself Too!

Forgiveness might be tough to give, but it's incredibly liberating. If your ex was to blame, forgive them. Actually harder to do, though, is forgiving your own self. Whether or not this really was your fault or not just isn't the point. Eliminating the guilt will be.

You might want to stay away from almost everything however , you will ultimately need to face the fact that you went through a break up. That is, in the end, the only method to ever get over it entirely. You simply can't overlook it forever. You know, lousy things happens to good people. Get over it and make it easy for yourself to get moving on after a break up.


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