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Moving away from home

Updated on July 23, 2015

I knew that once I got married that my life would change and somehow I may have to move since soldiers get moved around. I have always lived in the city I was born and raised in until now. For twenty-nine years, I have always lived close to my parents whether it was ten or fifteen minutes away. My father always told me that sometimes in life you don't always stay in one place and now that I was married and getting ready to move to Louisiana, it would be a change that I can enjoy.

I have always traveled with my parents on vacation out of the city that I lived in but would always come back home. Having my friends there really helped me a lot, especially since I knew them really well. Who would of thought that I would end up moving one of these days to another city and state. Leaving my friends and family made this move bittersweet because I would be leaving the ones that I loved the most and go somewhere I didn't really know anyone.

Ever since I have known about this move I was looking forward to it because I knew that getting out into a new atmosphere would help me realize that there is more out there than just the city and state I was born and raised in. Other military wives have told me that this is a good adventure to start because one gets to know how other cities and states are, that is one thing that makes me smile. I get to go to other places and say that I now know how it feels to move around every few years and get to know new people and best of all, get to make new friends in the places that I move too.

My husband and I are now in Louisiana, where the weather is different but nice. The move was bittersweet because I had to move from my home and leave the job that I really enjoyed doing. With my family being in Texas and me in Louisiana, it is a little sad but I know that they are always a phone call away and they always have me in their minds. I will always miss my family, but this is one adventure I am happy to embark in along with my husband.


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