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Mr. Tao marries a pair of Twins

Updated on June 28, 2015
Thailand women (
Thailand women (

More women of marriageable age than men in Thailand

For a better understanding of this news story, let me cite some demographic data about Thailand where this story took place. According to the CIA World Factbook, Thailand has a total population of 66 million people which 70.5% of it represents the 15 to 64 years old. Of this age bracket, 22,977,945 are males, while 23,512,538 are females.. This simply points out the fact that there are 534,593 more women than men of this particular age bracket in Thailand. The country is predominantly Buddhist where 94.6% of its population practice the faith.

Fudan twin sisters
Fudan twin sisters

Mr. Tao marries two, a twin

ON the sevententh of June, 2009, a dealer in old goods Mr. Wichai Tao, 24, of Samut, Songkram province, Thailand, weds not one woman but 2, a twins, Miss Sirintara and Miss Thipawan, 22 in a synchronized wedding ceremony which was well attended by their parents, relatives, friends, guests and visitors.

Thai baht gold jewelry (
Thai baht gold jewelry (

The presentation of the groom's dowry

Minutes before the engagement rites, Mr. Wichai presented a dowry of 8 baht of gold and 80,000 baht each for his pretty brides. It was reported that their respective families and all those in attendance enjoyed the ceremonial activities as well as the wedding feast. They were delighted to have witnessed a unique kind of betrothal.

Mr. Tao with wives Sirintara and Thiipawan
Mr. Tao with wives Sirintara and Thiipawan

True love drove him to marry both of the twins

Interviewed by local Thai Rath reporters, the groom beaming with pride said that doing marital duties for 2 wives isn’t much of a problem. He vowed his undying equal love for both of the twins.

Mr. Wichai related to the reporters that he lived and grew with the twins as neighbors. His admiration and love for them developed within him as he grew up. When he passed by their house, he would steal a quick glance and mull over which of the two is for him. But he found it impossible. He couldn’t decide. Both were equally close to his heart, Mr. Wichai said

For 3 long years Mr. Wichai and the twins were inseparable, attending parties, social fuctions and going on dates together. One day during such occasion, Mr. Wichai- unable to hold back his true feelings- said: “I love you. I’ll marry you both”

Okay, said both.
Okay, said both.

The twins reaction surprised Mr. Wichai

Perhaps the three of them were already under Cupid’s spell because, instead of the twins’ getting mad, they admitted they’ve long considered the option of marrying the same man. This makes Mr. Wichai jumped with joy.

Problems especially for the twins would crop up. Gossips here and there would not be avoided. The pair fully knew the relationship they’re in isn’t normal. However, love conquers everything.. Their respective parents sympathized, understood and fully supported their unusual relationship.

Saturday night scene
Saturday night scene

Three successive separate nights for each twin, and the 3 to sleep together during Saturdays

As to the sleeping arrangement, Mr. Wichai confidently told the press people, “The first 3 nights will be spent with Miss Thipawan and the next 3 with Miss Sirintara. We three will be sleeping together every Saturday”.

Miss Sirintara broke her silence. “When my twin and I were working as assistant nurse, we promise never to leave one another and our husband-to-be would have either to take or leave us”.

With prior arrangement made, Mr. Winchai proudly took his pretty wives home to attend to 2 cozy rooms which his mother has prepared for the newlyweds.


A Perth man is in relationship with identical twins

Belle and Dorothy are identical twin sisters in a sexual relationship with Perth man, Marc Glasby.
Belle and Dorothy are identical twin sisters in a sexual relationship with Perth man, Marc Glasby. | Source


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      margherita warhurst - Dawn, Gorgeous shot!! You alayws get the best shots and bring out the best!! She is our sonnenschein Cant wait to see the rest!! Thanks again.. I know G alayws makes you work so much!! I hope you had a nice nap after we left!! HUGS

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      At last, soemnoe who comes to the heart of it all

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Beth - I feel so blessed to have this beuuitfal shot you took of my girls! I can't thank you enough for that!!! What a great time we had with you guys and what wonderful photos you took while we were there! I'm thrilled to have them to cherish for many years to come. Lots of love,Beth


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