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Ms Boss She's Got Her Own

Updated on August 20, 2015
Madonna Bugayong profile image

Madonna lives in Gardena, Ca with her 2 kids. She attends LATTC for Business and Psychology, and she's a survivor and human rights activist.

In a class of her own

An independent woman is in a class of her own and can take care of herself. She is known to be intelligent and successful in a way that can make a man feel intimidated. But that's only if the man isn't independent himself and hasn't experienced the perks of being with such an empowered woman. What some men have a hard time understanding is that by having an independent woman, she's already established but can help you grow as a person and she doesn't need you but she wants you.

She's different because unlike a lot of women that depend on a man she doesn't ride for free. She rides for her man or she pulls up next to him. An independent woman has that drive to match your drive and she's unforgettable in a way that changes your life and makes it hard for you to forget that. Yes, she can and will test your patience but she'll also make your life interesting and fun because like everything else in her life she lives it to the fullest and strives to make it the best. When she has someone worth splitting her time with an independent woman loves her man fiercely because she found someone that is an equal partner and won't settle for anything less. She doesn't trust easily and can be stubborn but she's secure enough to know when she's found the right match. An independent woman can be her own cake and her man the icing.

She is her own person

An independent woman is her own person. She has her own life, own routine and focuses on her own priorities rather then her mans. That's why she's misunderstood in a way that can be known as selfish, intimidating or complicated. This is not all true though. She just wants an independent man like herself. She needs her space like men do. She makes her own decisions but it can be changed if her man brings an intelligent idea and point to their discussion. Yes, she's straightforward and has no time for any B.S and that's why she's able to handle her own. She doesn't back down from a good challenge which makes her interesting.

It takes a strong and independent man to tolerate an independent woman because like him she's a hard worker and passionate about her goals. She will acknowledge the little gestures of kindness like when he opens the car door for her. She'll look him right in the eye and will thank him for being chivalrous. She won't let it go unnoticed neither and she'll return the kind gesture. Like a strong man an independent woman won't tolerate being disrespected by her partner and will leave if it won't change. Men want an interesting woman with a personality and a good conversationalist. Not someone that just nods her head with a "yes sir" personality or just agrees on everything because they become bored. An independent woman makes mistakes but she learns from them. She lets her mistakes roll off her back and moves on.

She is beautiful and amazing

She's human so of course she has feelings and emotions but she's not a crybaby about not getting her way. She finds a solution and doesn't dwell on problems. Again she has no time for B.S. She doesn't complain. Instead she gets it because she takes care of herself. She doesn't look at men like "Captain Save Them" she looks at a man like he's her inspiration. She's a woman so she likes her hair done and a nice pedicure. She takes care of herself, pampers herself and buys her own things. She's no gold digger, instead she takes pride in saying she's got it. She's beautiful and amazing isn't she?


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