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An Outer Portrait of The Person Beautiful

Updated on November 18, 2012

Much todo about Inner beauty

The question about inner beauty verses outer beauty is as old as the mirror and possibly older still. The cave men and women, when seeking mates, had this argument, I am sure, at the edge of a large puddle or a lake. It is just a shame there was not a historian there who understood what they said. Oh, pardon, maybe someone will find it recorded on a cave wall somewhere.

Those in favor of inner beauty are usually afraid that they will and are passed over by society. Often they are self-conscious about how they are or are not able to present themselves in a way that they feel gains for them acceptance from their peers. Conversely, those who would justify outer beauty often miss the entire point of the discussion because they are distracted from thinking about it every time they pass a reflective surface. They feel, however, as if their outward perfections get them further in life because when they want to be pleasant, their exterior gets them into many doors.

The Inwardly beautiful never worry about the question of their generally acceptability in public, however. Self-possession and understanding makes that person an island to themselves and immune from vanity or criticism. I have noted however that they need not always worry about being alone, just not necessarily popular. Essentially beautiful people draw those who appreciate good breeding. In my mind, this kind of company is preferable then popular appeal and the appearances that need to be maintained for such appeal. Overall, one who is beautiful on the inside has a hard time keeping others from seeing it. Very often, they are sought after as additions to social situations regardless of any flaws that they were born with.

Someone who is truly beautiful inside may not seek to augment his or her physique. This is not for scarcities of flaws per say, but those flaws they do have do not matter to him or her. They do put themselves forward well in society whenever they happen to venture out of doors as a natural out growth his or her nature. A beautiful person’s inner thoughts cause them to value beauty and to take care of everything around them including themselves. It is amazing how a lack of self-interest and vanity in the beautiful mind causes such people to miss imperfections in their world. Conversely, no one around them can see anything amiss.

Even amongst the so-called "beautiful people,” referring to the outwardly beautiful, there are some who are naturally beautiful within or are firmly grounded and self possessed. They are usually favored for just about every plaudit of every kind over some of their peers who may be polished and perfect on the outside, but are empty within. Those who are both beautiful within and without seem to avoid self-destruction under pressure. It is not long before the truly beautiful are never without qualities which recommend them to others while those who are superficially beautiful alone find that eventually plastic surgery has its limits and loneliness cause scandal and misadventure to eventually be their only forms of attention.

Those who worry about the question between inner and outer beauty always find themselves outside this battle for success. They look at it philosophically and murmur self-congratulating nothings like Mary in Pride and Prejudice during a dance, when she was without a partner. From personal experience, the inwardly beautiful don't know or covet that characteristic nor view others askance. The outwardly beautiful are usually so buried in pretenses to ask such a question. I am all for Internal beauty and the ability of every person to cultivate it within themselves. If it is followed studiously as a course of self-improvement and honest metamorphosis, then there is no doubt that one day those around you will say, "My, what a beautiful person."

As for myself, I find myself too scarred to consider myself as a beautiful person. I have, however, known my share of them. They often make my scars ache and the things that they bare cause my heart to ache. I have known my share of beautiful women and men who are accepted in the world. As a cosmetologist I can't seem to avoid such associations. Perhaps in this general set of observations you might know where I wish I fell in this spectrum. I am fully aware that most people fall somewhere between these two extremes. My rant is largely inspired by certain qualms in my present aspirations.

I am very fond of those I work with. Sometimes the superficial nature of fashion makes me feel comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. Comfortable, in that I don't have to pretend to be all that one aught to be inside. Frankly, if I follow the rules, they couldn't care less. Uncomfortable, in that I find myself falling into a pattern around them where I become as fake as they.

The truly beautiful love people. I can't say that I feel that way on the whole. People in general are not true enough to make myself comfortable in their presence. In fashion, at least, everyone is frankly plastic. They strive to make illusions and to design artifice For me I can easily get so lost in the art of it all that I stop caring what is real.

I cannot pretend around inwardly beautiful people. I work with one. I have worked around others of this wonderful ilk. These people seem to favor the justness of my nature and my honesty. They make my heart hurt though. The people they hang around usually need them. I can't say that I need them but I end up attracting them all the same. That is irony for you.

Personally I prefer to deal with the black and white in human nature. while I acknowledge shades of gray, I prefer people who are either hot or cold.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      That was very much my point.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Belief and love of oneself, knowing who you are and what you are all about, and not caring what others might say or think, is not necessarily easy, but by far most effective.

      People worry about others and what thy might or might not think or say. WHY!?

      God said it best and I agree. "I AM THAT I AM!" Like it or not we are who we are, and those that don't like it tough.