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Music for your Wedding Reception!

Updated on June 30, 2014

Music for Your Wedding

Music for Your Wedding

1. He's a little bit country, she's a little bit rock 'n roll. What do you do in this instance planning the music for your wedding?

A Great way to alleviate this problem is have the band or disc jockey know your preferences and keep them in the middle of both types of music. There is nothing worse than to hear just country at a wedding when the guests all have varied tastes. Before the wedding meet with the disc jockey and make it clear that requests will be accepted. This way your guests and you will have songs of your choice.

2. The aunts and uncles prefer polkas, chicken dances, and similarly embarrassing spectacles. Many brides and grooms like these dances but a few do not, how do you satisfy everyone?

Most would say it’s the wedding couple’s day and their choice if they feel strongly about this, not to do it. You could also suggest to the disc jockey to announce these dances won't be played, BUT a substitute will be, something you like and have chosen beforehand. If you have a good disc jockey that can work the crowd and has appeal in his voice everyone will be happy.

3. Your friends from college are arriving and its years since you seen them. Have any ideas how to enjoy their company as well as enjoy the music?

After the traditional dances are done, and the dinner and cake cutting is over, most college students had a song or song that meant something to them or a popular dance from that time, why not include it as a group dance. Group dances are fun not only for the college graduates but for the guests watching. Some disc jockeys will go out of their way to find your Alma Mater song.

4. The entertainment is the make-or-break factor in producing a memorable special occasion. Would you spend more for your dress, gowns, and pinch on the cost for entertainment?

Its really a good idea to balance your budget, and not cut the entertainment cost.To wear a $5000.00 gown and pay $400.00 for the music isn't balanced.. Do ask the disc jockey for references, and see him at a gig performing before your wedding. Try to even it out, but remember everyone remembers the times they laughed, danced, and shared in the entertainment.

5. A disc jockey’s reads his audience. Do you have any idea what this means?

This means that you should rely on the experience of your disc jockey, let him watch and read the guests and focus the music on them. If you have a good disc jockey this is a science to them. Sometimes it is very hard to get the guests motivated to dance. If you have an obnoxious disc jockey that physically tries to pull people to the dance floor they may spoil your wedding. Do try to find one that isn't loud and obnoxious, and its a good idea to see them perform before your wedding.

6. The reception music has begun. Do you know what a slow transition means?

Slow transition means when the music begins after dinner it is moderate, slow rock, 50’s maybe some big band, and then works into a fast upbeat sound.

7. You found two entertainers both giving you a price on four hours. One is $400.00 the other is $700.00 which do you choose?

Yes, all of us are price conscious, but remember to ask if the comparison includes lights, master of ceremony or any other extras. Some disc jockeys come with a home system, so be sure to ask what type of equipment they use. Home speakers will never work in a large banquet hall. Arrange your tables so the speakers are not right next to a guest's ear. Conversation is also a highlight to a successful event.

8. Some song titles that you'll specify by name to your entertainment provider. Which songs are these?

Special songs" include your bride & groom first dance, father/bride dance, mother/groom dance, bridal party dance, cake cutting, departure dance, and others that might appeal to your guests. Its always nice to find out your parents favorite song and make a dedication to them as well..

9. Often; there is something special making music memorable. What makes a song special?

Lyrics are wonderful, they translate feelings you might not be able to say. Romantic words that make your love realize that this romantic experience is special day between the two of you.

10.Special memories of a song does not stop with the bride and groom’s first dance. Can you think what other dances can you think of that would hold a special memory.

Father and daughter, and mother and son dances can also fit into this, maybe a song dad sang to his daughter when she was little, or a song mom taught her son when teaching him to dance to.

11. Listening carefully to the lyrics is very important. Can you think of any reason why?

Some lyrics like “ I will always love you” by Whitney Housten are really break up songs as is Garth Brooks “ The Dance” listen carefully.There may be a guests that knows this, and has the nerve to speak on the mic telling the others. If you don't want your guests using the microphone tell the disc jockey before the wedding.

12.You stand at the end of the aisle waiting to walk to your husband at the altar. Could you imagine not having any music?

There is nothing more beautiful than to remember as years go on a song that your spouse chose to unite with you for a lifetime. It can be played every anniversary, and be a special connection between the two of you..

13.Establishing a mood for your ceremony is always a good idea.

String ensembles, vocalist singing contemporary, love ballads, are always a consideration. Many times you can find performers, from colleges or schools that are quite talented with playing the flute or violin. Do check around for unknown talents, you will be surprised to find talented but not overly expensive musicians.

14. Speaking of the mood music for your ceremony do you have any ideas of names of songs?

Some selections are RELIGIOUS Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach)


15.While the Prelude music plays what happens?

Ushers seat the guests. Remember to select music for when the guests walk in, it adds a wonderful atmosphere, and is a beautiful greeting to the guests.

16. Remember to select cocktail music for the span of time waiting for the bride and groom to come in. Dead space and quiet chatter can make some feel awkward.

Sit down with the disc jockey and decide what music you want for each part of the wedding, including the cake cutting. With that all planned out, everything will run smoothly. Be careful to not select loud music for cocktail hour, that is the time people mingle before taking their assigned seats.

17.The wedding reception is nearing the end, what should you do to express your thanks?

It is always nice to get on the microphone and thank your guests that helped you make this memorable day come true. Ask the disc jockey beforehand if he has a cordless mic so your guests may use it to make a tribute.

Happy Wedding Day!

(c) Written by B. A. Williams

All Rights Reserved

Disc Jockey or a Musician can perform from a ship.


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    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 6 years ago from USA

      Thanks for reading and I will be checking out yours as well. Good luck on your wedding, and hope you're music is a memorable part of it.