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Songs for Your Wedding Ceremony

Updated on May 24, 2014

You want your wedding to be memorable to you and to the people you have invited to be your guests. To accomplish this goal, note that there is more to creating an unforgettable wedding than just having lavishing decorations, wearing a stunning gown or even exchanging the most sentimental vows. Though all of these things are highly important, there is another key element that must not be over looked or underplayed. That is the music!

In many ways, the music is like the heartbeat of the wedding. It keeps things flowing, and determines the tone. The type of songs selected for the occasion can help to express the elegancy of the evening or convey a laid back celebratory affair. Whether you want something modern, classic love ballads or traditional orchestral, you want to take the time to carefully select the right wedding music for both the ceremony and the reception that will follow.


Choose the Best Songs for Your Wedding

Pick Songs That ...

  • are memorable
  • have meaning to you as a couple
  • fit the mood of what you want for your wedding

When first deciding of what kind of music and then what specific songs to use, take special consideration to what carries sentimental meaning to you as a couple. Is there a certain piece that is your song? Or perhaps there is a tune that tells your story. No one else in the room will have to understand, and that is perfectly fine. It’s your moment.

The most memorable songs during a wedding ceremony are most often played as the bridal party enters in along with and the procession of the bride. Think about it. When you walk down the aisle to meet your groom at the altar, the song choice can be just as bold as the dress you’ll be wearing. Together, with the expression on your face, you’ll have that grand entrance you've always dreamed of.

Other parts of the parts of the ceremony where wedding music is needed may be during the prelude, the seating of the parents and the recessional.

Have Music Designated For:

The Prelude - Before the ceremony actually starts, it is nice to have music to set the tone of the atmosphere as well as entertain the guest waiting for the wedding to start.

  • Medleys - Have a DJ or sound tech play music fitting your theme
  • Soloist - Have talented singers sing appropriate love songs
  • Instrumentals - Have a pianist, violinist or orchestra, saxophonist or a band play instrumental music

Processionals of the -

  • Seating of the parents/grandparents
  • Bridesmaids and Maid/Matron of Honor
  • Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
  • The Bride -The procession of the bride is usually one of the most memorable songs during the ceremony. So again, this should be a really special one.

Each of these songs should be timed to make sure that things flow during the ceremony. For example, for a very large bridal party or for a long aisle, the song may need to be edited, looped or etc. For a small bridal party, you may not even play a whole song. It's important to know the specific part of the song that you want played.

I used only one song in my wedding for the processional, "Angels," by Robin Thicke. The bridesmaids walked down to the verses and chorus. The flower girl and ring bearer were cued during the bridge and final chorus. I came down to meet my groom at the alter while the song went into breakdown.

Songs Within the Ceremony -

  • Prayers - Some people have had a singer to sing a prayer during the ceremony. For example, The Lord's Prayer
  • Love Ballads/Original Songs

Recessional - This song is for when the couple has said their "I do's" and are exiting as husband and wife. This should be a song that is joyous and set the tone for celebration. I have also seen times when a previous song from the ceremony is played or an instrumental.


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    • wlrahilly profile image

      Wendy Rahilly 5 years ago from St Petersburg, FL

      Very informative article. Nothing completes a beautiful wedding ceremony than the music playing.