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My Angel, My Lover, My Best Friend

Updated on January 24, 2013

Mr. Amazing

After a long life of hurt and an abusive 15 year marriage, I've found a truth in life that I never thought I'd find....there are wonderful, amazing, loving, caring men out there in the world. I have found one. So I'm going to take this opportunity to share with the world, the things that I love about my Anthony.

Some of the amazing things about my Anthony:

1. He's the most positive man I've ever met. No matter what it is that he and I are going through, whether it's his ex and children having issues or my ex and children having issues, he never gets negative. He never gets down on himself, he never breaks his routine and he is insistent that nothing can get him down. I'm not always the easiest person to live with, I have insecurities and have a past full of dysfunction (as does he), not to mention PMS, but he never gets mad at me for being mean and angry. He always tells me that everything will be okay. But he not only tells me it'll be okay, he backs up his statements. He points out the reasons why things are happening and how things will get better. And that God is always there for us, even when we feel alone.

2. He's hard-working and driven to succeed: His past life did not allow him to live a "normal" 9-5 lifestyle, but he has turned his whole entire world upside down to make sure that he's living a clean, responsible lifestyle. No matter what obstacles get in his way, he works hard and doesn't ever break his routine. I, on the other hand, cannot stand routine so he has taught me a lot about the how's and why's of having a routine. It's necessary to have an organized life or you live in anxiety and chaos. Boy has that been an eye-opener.

3 He loves his children and respects his ex: He does everything he can for his children and shows them that they're loved. He helps his ex raise their children any way he can and does so in a mature, responsible, civil manner. There is no fighting between him and his ex, they have their routine for visitiation and that's how it goes. They stick to it and help each other every chance they get, pertaining to the children.

4. He is respectful to his mother and all women: His mother was the cause of a lot of pain in his early life, but he respects her and loves her to the bone, still. He does anything he can to help her as well. Gives her money when she needs a few dollars, runs her errands, they talk on the phone at least once a week and they always tell each other they love each other even though their past was chaotic and erratic. Not only that, his sister who is a few years younger than he is (in her late 20's), calls him nearly every single day and he just listens. She's a struggling single mother with few friends or support so he just listens and gives the best advice he can. He helps her pay her bills when she's in need and even helps her budget her money so that her life is less chaotic.

5. He helps everyone he can possibly help: Anytime somebody needs a few bucks, or a ride somewhere, or just some advice, no matter who they are, he will help. In fact he takes time out of his day every single day to pick up and drop off co-workers before and after work that don't have transportation. He doesn't ask for gas money, nothing. He just does it. He understands what it's like to struggle in life and doesn't like to see anyone go through hell if he has anything to say about it.

6. He's protective: He will protect his family and friends to the ends of the earth. No matter what, if someone needs help or protection of any sort, he will be there anytime, anywhere.

7. He loves me: We have the sort of relationship that most women dream of their whole lives. We are perfect for each other. We have many things in common that tie us together and help us understand each other so much moreso than someone else could. We've been through the same struggles so we know how to support each other when the other may be down for whatever reason. The way we look into each others eyes is something I can barely find words to explain. It's something I've never experienced in my life and never thought existed. When our eyes meet there's a soul-searching that goes on that causes intense tenderness, intimacy, and emotion. I personally cannot look into his eyes very long without needing to be near him. It's like a magnet that pulls me to him, my body and soul want and need his body and soul. He feels the same about me of course, it wouldn't be true love if it wasn't reciprocated. He's helped me in many ways since him and I met 10 months ago. I've been through some of the worst days of my life (with my abusive ex and our ugly separation and custody battle) since he and I met and he barely flinched once. He's been sweet, caring, and positive the entire time and has always reassured me that I'm an amazing woman and I deserve the best and if I think positive, I'll get what I deserve in life. He always knows/has the perfect thing to say and he's typically right on 100%!!

8. He wants me to be happy: Unlike my marriage in which my ex did not allow me to do anything I wanted, Anthony has only been supportive of anything/everything I've wanted to do even if he didn't necessarily agree with it. He doesn't complain, he doesn't get mad, he just says ok and offers his help in any way if I need him for anything. That is a real man. He always insists on doing things with me and for me. He wants us to do things together and enjoy life.

9. He sacrifices his own time and resources to help me (and others): If I, or his family or friends, ever need anything, as I said earlier, he's there. For instance, a few times since we've been together, different people have needed his help moving or driving them somewhere or needed to borrow money. And usually they've asked for help at the last minute...he does it. Without complaining or asking for reimbursement. I had some issues where i needed him to drive me somewhere. He had to get up several hours before he'd usually get up for work, and drive me an hour away and then sit and wait for me for over an hour in the car, in -10 degree weather....again, amazing!! And he never compained even when I apologized over and over or making him wait so long, he just smiled and said, "my pleasure, I'm always here for you, I love you". If we're at a store and he sees something that he knows I want (makeup, clothes, etc), he will basically make me get something, his treat. I've never met a man who will sit and look at makeup for twenty minutes to help me find exactly what I want. And get this ladies: he offered to pick up tampons for me at the store, and he did it. I never insinuated he had to do that for me, he offered and laughed back at me when I giggled because I thought he was joking:)

10. Our romantic life is something from a fairy tale: I've had a couple long-term relationships in my life, including a 15 year marriage. Never have I ever felt the way I do about Anthony romantically, and he feels the same about me. We have a physical attraction that is just as magnetic as our spiritual/emotional/physciological connection. I never believed a love like ours existed, I'd never felt these feelings in my life and I thank God that we crossed each others paths when we did.

So ladies and gentlement, true love does exist. I'm living proof.

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    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 5 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Thank you so much Kasman!! I'm so happy to hear that you've found the love of your life. It's such a rare thing these days isn't it? lol Also, having a relationship with God is rare these days as well and that's my opinion as to why love is hard to find. People are just out in the world running errant with nothing to believe in. Like you said, because you love God, you can love your wife better. Well said!! Thanks for reading and voting:)

    • Kasman profile image

      Kas 5 years ago from Bartlett, Tennessee

      Darn skippy! God brought my beautiful wife and I together as well. My Lord Christ comes first, then my wife. That means more love for my wife since I love him! I couldn't have asked for a better one than the Italiana I received! Love the hub, glad to see you've broken free and have some happiness now! Voting up and God bless!

    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 5 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Thanks Lady E, I really appreciate that. Yes, I do feel like every day is Christmas:) Have a great day!!

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 5 years ago from London, UK

      Beautiful to read and congrats.

      When people with good hearts suffer, I believe God helps them and not only gives them their own happiness, but also adds the happiness they lost. (15 years is a lot). So you got "happy" and "back-dated happiness." lol. Everyday like Christmas...

      Stay Blessed. :-)

    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 5 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Sallybea thanks again for reading, I appreciate your kind wishes very much:) I am very blessed to say the least.

    • sallybea profile image

      Sally Gulbrandsen 5 years ago from Norfolk

      You are one lucky Lady, seems like he might be one lucky Man too!! Thanks for sharing your story, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 5 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Beth-Thank you so much I appreciate it:) Yes, I've definitely found my match and I congratulate you on finding yours. Much happiness and thanks for reading.

    • bethperry profile image

      Beth Perry 5 years ago from Tennesee

      Wow, it indeed sounds like you've found the relationship that is meant to be. I wish both of you much happiness!

      Btw, yes I've found my true love, too :)

    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 5 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Thanks Stina:) Glad to meet you and thanks for reading!!

    • Stina Caxe profile image

      Cristina 5 years ago from Virginia

      This is a wonderful, positive and inspirational story.