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My Best Friend, the Princess

Updated on May 28, 2013

A Princess was born.

She was a love-child, a product of a May-December love affair between a student and a pastor who was married to a barren woman. Her arrival to this world was a joyous moment to the pastor and his wife but maybe, scary for the young student-mom. Two loving mothers and a doting father... she got all the attention a baby could get. A sister and a brother followed after her, but still she was the princess, the most loved, the most admired, and the most intelligent of them all. Then, suddenly the young student-mom left them, leaving behind in the 3-year-old princess' memory a name, young laughter, and a youthful presence of a woman who loves her very much.

Meeting the Princess

I met her 19 years ago, in a small restaurant just across the school where we were teaching. I was handling technical courses and she, General Psychology and Ethics. I was newly hired, the Princess was one semester ahead of me. The restaurant was a meeting place for cigarette smokers, teachers and students alike, since we were not allowed to smoke inside the campus. She was alone, smoking, uncaring of the noise going around her. Our first conversation, the "getting to know each other" kind of talk made me so curious about her that I seek her out almost every day after that, to continue with my soul-searching kind of questions. She was a lot different from the people I've met. She was just a year older than me but her wisdom was far, far beyond than what I could have even if I live to be a hundred years.

She is self-opinionated (well she has the right), all-heart-person with a superior IQ and she got the "third eye". She is an attractive woman, physically, mentally, and spiritually. She can discuss anything and with sense at that. She is a wide reader and had read the bible from cover to cover many times over. She is a very good writer. The articles she wrote here in hubpages under the pen name jynzly can attest to that.

She graduated from a university in Mindanao, well known for its high caliber graduates finishing three Masters, two in the field of education and the other in business. The most amazing education she got I guess is from the "School of Life". That is where she got her wisdom. She is not afraid to dive down to the deepest bowels of the earth to sacrifice for what she believes in, nor rise up and fly high to reach her dreams. These, I have witnessed and can attest.

The friendship.

My admiration for this wise woman was the basis for a long friendship that span almost two decades and still counting. I learned a lot from her, became a better person because of her. I become more aware of the colors in life, energies surrounding us, spirits existing with us, and a lot more I was not really aware of. I started reading books I did not know existed. Some questions nagging me about my faith were answered logically, and we didn't even have the same religion!

She allowed me to see her "soul" and accepted me as I am. There are times I wish she can be the average woman next door, with normal dreams, but of course that cannot be. She is different and I accept her even if I can't understand her ways. Yes, even after 19 years, she is still beyond comprehension.

Looking back over the years, I realized, she was never mad at me, or got irritated with me. It was me who had these negative feelings out of frustration for not understanding her or for wanting to change her. She could evoke strong feelings on people who loves her (ask Greg, the husband!). You want to shelter her from harm because she can be so stupid on mundane things like taking care of her purse while out of the house and sometimes you want to strangle her because she is so hard headed specially on not seeing the doctor if something is bothering her.

She is a princess in the heart of all people who loves her. There were many, and there are still a lot of us out here. Well, the Princess is a human being, a woman, the most complex of her specie and she is my best friend.


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    • TENKAY profile image

      TENKAY 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you truthfornow for reading and commenting. It's a lonely existence without a bestfriend. I got lucky...

    • truthfornow profile image

      truthfornow 4 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      Nice words for a best friend, very sweet tribute.

    • TENKAY profile image

      TENKAY 4 years ago from Philippines

      I am glad you like the hub. You cannot help but be who you are and I am "Honesty", I affirm the name. Thank you. I will see you later today. Got to help Sultan with his customer. hehehe.

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 4 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Hi "Friendship"

      This hub reminds me of Pastor K, the Pastor and Head Teacher at the same time of a Christian School in Friendship...(huh, what a coincidence of the name of the place, well you know the place) ...One day Pastor K invited me to be the Guest Speaker for the graduation ceremony in this school. I was listening to him read my resume to the audience as an introduction to the guest speaker. What I heard from him in such introduction really sounded he talking about me?

      Well. Pastor K introduced me according to my "resume"...the black and white documents of a person...but you, my best friend, we been best friends all through out those almost two decades of friendship and I can't help but agree with the sincerity of your statements. I liked your hub in my facebook can see the comment of my daughter there...I know that she is one, if not the happiest person to read your hub...she knows and sees all the truths in this... she was just a high school student in the onset of our friendship and she feels like she's got two mothers too, with different roles...the drama of our friendship literally involves her over the years...

      Thanks for this hub...I specially appreciate the effort on writing this and of course, your honesty and sincerity. The best that I can label you, among other bests of you, is Honesty...honesty is a character quality that I believe best fists you. If you label me Princess, I label you Honesty.