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My Boyfriend Left Me

Updated on February 3, 2010

I want My Boyfriend Back, I Think

My boyfriend left me but not for another woman. He left me because he says that I am not that into him and all I want to do is stay around the house and watch tv. It's true! I don't like to go out, I never have.

I am just not comfortable being around people so I stay inside most of the time. I do however, like to go out to the movies once and a while. You will never find me at the mall though. So now that my boyfriend left me, I have some decisions to make. For instance do I want him back? Do I need him? Or am I better off by myself. I have decided that I want him back and will do anything to get him back. Well almost anything.

I have been doing some research on the net and I have found something called "The Magic of Making UP" I actually bought it. I have had some hits and misses but mostly hits. I thing it is just a matter of time before he is back in my life again. There is just one thing though. I think I have met someone else. One of the thing Magic of Making up says to do is to see other people and to make sure your ex sees you seeing other people. Well, now I kind of like one of the people I have been seeing.

So my boyfriend left me, I launched a campaign to get him back with The Magic of Making up, boyfriend is slowly coming around and I have met another guy. Wonder if the Magic book has anything about this dilemma. Here is some of the stuff that I have been doing to get my boyfriend back. This is what I have learned from the Magic of Making up Book.


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