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My First Love in Bangalore

Updated on March 5, 2008

It was a hazy night, half past 10. I went out for a walk as usual, had a banana. I was back home and went to my bed early. I couldn't sleep that night. Why? I asked this question to myself and went in search for an answer. After an hour of SEARCH, I got my answer and it was about that girl. That girl? Who was that? Well....................

[Three months ago]

One day I was waiting for a vehicle which takes me to my office. It was my first day. Time was half past 9, I was already late. I saw a girl standing beside me. She looked at me, I too did the same and gave a SWEET smile ;). She added some colour by giving her own smile [yeah, it was sweet as well]. We exchanged our names, introduced ourselves to each other. I was surprised that she too is heading to the same office in which I am. She looked so innocent. She was so beautiful. I felt something different today which was not the case when I had met other girls in the past. Why did this happen? Well I too didn't had an answer for this. I asked her, "Riya, its already late, shall we take an auto?". She said, " Its my first day as well, I too don't want to be late.". We hired an auto and went to the office.

As I was late to the office, I wasn't treated harshly and why would they? I am an employee of such a wonderful, sweet and caring company, after all.

We had an induction program and it was lunch time. As I knew Riya already, we had our lunch together. This is where it all started. Days passed we used to go to many places together. What about my weekends? Well I exposed her to various places here in Bangalore. Oops.........I forgot to mention this. She was from Delhi and this was her first visit to Bangalore. Unfortunately I had to take a break from my friends, whom am not meeting everyday as we used to, when we were in college. We all were out of it and working. There are some responsibilities now.

Its two months now since we met each other. She started sharing her personal life with me. Now that we were so close, I thought it wouldn't be wrong if I ask her this question and went ahead, "Do you have a boy friend?". She gave me a STRANGE look which I hadn't seen before. Then I told to myself, "Why did I ask her such a stupid question?". Instantly I apologised for what I did. But she replied back, "That's Ok, there is nothing wrong in what you asked. NO". I don't know why, but I started jumping like a psycho, when she said she dint had any!!! She asked me why did I do that. I kept mum.

From the day when I had met her, I used to share all these with my elder sister. First month of this DRAMA, Didi[my sister] didn't take it seriously. But a guy like me!!! Well, will I ever stop these conversations? No way!

After these two months of talk, Didi started firing various questions at me, which were just like puzzles and I was very weak in math. One day I was totally surprised to hear this from her, "Are you in love with her?". I went to my bed without giving her any answer. That night I just couldn't sleep.

The heat was ON. It was another weekend. Riya said, " I have found a NEW restaurant, and I am sure you wouldn't have had been to that place, lets go". I had a plan of asking her about her feelings towards me and I was completely prepared. But unfortunately I couldn't go with her that day, as my friends were calling me. They wanted me to be there with them ATLEAST that day, as most of them were moving to various countries around the world for 6 to 8 months[yeah, yeah onsite]. When my dudes started giving me these reasons I couldn't stop myself. I said, "Sorry Riya, I have to be there with my friends today. Why don't you join us?". She said, "Fine. After all friends are most important assets of one's life. We can block it for next week.". Riya was very reserved girl. She was always AGAINST with joining her friend's friends. It was the first day when I saw mild tears in her eyes. She didn't reveal that, but I sensed it. I got my answer there. I was sure NOW, that she too likes me.

This is the 3rd month now, Didi has started taking it seriously. One fine day I told Didi, about the incident that took place last Saturday. She said, "Well both of you are in love with each other, what else can I say?". I was stunned. Didn't knew how to react.

"Its age factor. It always happens. Maybe not with everybody, but with most of ‘em, and you and Riya too belong to this category. Have you ever thought of Maa and Daddy?. Have you got any idea about their reaction when you tell this to them? Most of the parents have their own dreams regarding their children, right?. Do you want to obliterate their feelings? Do you want to hurt the ones who are responsible for what you are today, who have made you to stand tall in this society? Do you really want to do this just for a girl whom you met 2½ - 3 months ago? You had time to say so many things about her all these days. Have you ever asked yourself, "Have I taken any time for my parents?" What have you done with them? You had money to spend for Riya, amount being in THOUSANDS. Did you buy a single pen and a saree to Daddy and Maa from your Salary? NO. You already know that Daddy and Maa are against the love marriage. What about Riya's parents? What if they too think in the same way?

This was an advice from my side as a sister and also as a friend. Finally I would add that its all up to you."

I was just a listener for such a long time, after this BHAASHAN, I backfired saying, "Didi, I don't know what are you up to. I like her, I love her, and I know its same from her side as well. I don't care about anything or anybody else, including you. And I have made up my mind to propose her shortly". It was also a day, where I had spoken in such a RUDE manner with Didi.

It was a hazy night, half past 10. I went out for a walk as usual, had a banana. I was back home and went to my bed early. I couldn't sleep that night. Why? I asked this question to myself and went in search for an answer. After an hour of SEARCH, I got my answer and it was about that girl. That girl? Who was that? It was Riya............

It was a petrifying night for me. It was Saturday, the next day. This time Riya had made-up her mind to take me to the restaurant, which she had chosen few days back. I went with her. Looking at my sad face, she asked me, "Why are you looking so low with energy. This is not the same guy whom I meet everyday! Ok, I'll cheer you up, here we go.".To add to my surprise, she said, " I am in love with you. I have been dreaming about you every night. When I close my eyes everytime, I can only see you. I initially thought we were just good friends. Did not realise when this turned into love for me. I am telling you all these now, because I don't want to loose you. I want you to be there for me. Forever......

Okay. I have ended up the story here. Now you can comment on this blog and tell me how is it going to end up :)

- Be Creative. Think Creative.


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      10 years ago

      Dude nice writing.. but I guess like your other 2 stories this ll also have a twist at an end. So I guess you are dreaming again on Friday night. :) :). Not the entire story but just the restaurant one. I wish I am wrong.


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