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My First Love is Now My Husband Part II

Updated on January 23, 2012

So now comes the second fleece that was placed before us.

I had thrown away all of the letters that CW had written me while he was in the US Army.

I got a phone call from my last ex who stated that he had a box for me that had some memorabilia that I might want to look over. He didn't feel comfortable throwing these things out since they might hold some memory for me.

CW and I took a drive up to Pensacola for the weekend. My ex wanted to see me again without CW and since CW and I were not engaged at the time, I thought possibly my ex had ulterior motives. Not really because my ex step son was there and I guess my ex was trying to have some healing going on with my ex step son. My ex step son seemed very well adjusted with his new step mom and we exchanged pleasantries but there was nothing left there.

My ex gave me this box and sent me on my way back to central Florida.

When we got back to my home in Central Florida that night, I went through the box. You will never believe what I found! ALL of the letters that CW had written me while he was trying to reestablish a relationship with me! EVERY single letter from wanting to know about my life post Jersey to the off handed engagement letter to the Army brats references! I had known FOR SURE that these letters had been destroyed, but here they were, in mint perfect condition staring at us in the face! But I was NOT going to remarry ANYONE!!!!

I thought it rather strange that ALL of these letters had survived because I had thrown these letters out after I married my first husband. Plus, all of my moving around from NC to AL to join the US Army; another marriage that took me from TX to FL; and relocating to several new residences-all of these circumstances should have led to the loss of these letters. But it didn't!


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