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My Future Husband: 15 Intelligent Ways to Know a Man Will Be a Good Husband

Updated on November 28, 2017

My Future Husband

My future husband must be calm, wise and so on.
My future husband must be calm, wise and so on. | Source


Many ladies in romantic relationships, and who are marriage minded, are not sure whether the guys they are dating, or the guys they are attracted to, will prove to be good husbands when they marry them. So they keep asking themselves, “Is the guy I am going out my future husband? Is he really the one? If he is, how will I know?”

In this article, I share with you, all you women who have these doubts and anxieties, some of the sings that will give you an indication that a guy will be a good husband if you choose to marry him.

He is a Calm Guy

You want to have a peaceful marriage, right? You can have a peaceful marriage if you marry a guy who considers what he will say to you before he says it, who is not short and snappy and quick with speech or who does not speak with an irritated tone of voice often, but who speaks with kindness and patience often.

So, if the guy manifests self-discipline and is not bad –tempered, if he thinks before he acts, and if he deals thoughtfully and gracefully with you and treats you with courtesy, there is a greater likelihood that he will not get irritated easily when you provoke him in marriage. Consequently, it is less likely that your home will be filled with rancor and acrimony, and hence with quarrels and fights.

He Is A Good Role Model

If the guy is honorable and respectable, and he is a leader who inspires younger people to live upright, moral lives, and who has a habit of encouraging people and trying to bring out the best in them, then he is likely to be faithful to you when you marry him. Additionally, he will influence you positively and try to bring out the best in you so that you can be a better person. You have to seriously consider marrying such a guy.

He Is Wise

If the man you are attracted to has the ability to discern what is right and chooses to do the right things most of the time, then you will enjoy spending the rest of your life with him.

If he thinks it is not okay to lie, cheat, steal, get drunk, smoke, or take drugs, he is more likely to give you a quality romantic relationship since he is not likely to hurt you physically and emotionally.

Furthermore, if he avoids extravagance and overindulgence and has the ability to discern between what is important, such as spending time with loved ones and providing a good home for one’s marriage partner, and what is trivial, and he avoids overindulging in anything, including even sleep, then give your heart to him fully.

He Is Comfortable When You Vent Your Frustrations

When you get frustrated with him, or with unnerving situations, and you voice out your feelings, he does not get upset with you or does not try to make you suppress your feelings, and he dismisses your apologies when you feel you have gone over the top. A guy who behaves this way is willing to do anything to make you feel happy and he will be a great husband.

There Is Great Rapport Between The Two Of You

Some couples have split up because they had fights over trivial things, such as how the husband squeezes the toothpaste or the best place to go for vacation!

If you find that you can cooperate easily, that he understands you and is willing to make compromises so that you will be happy, then he has your best interest at heart and you should have no fears marrying him.

You Are His No. 1 Priority

If you ask him to accompany you to a “Miss World” event or to a fashion show and he agrees to go even though he may have made plans to watch Accra Great Olympics play Kumasi Asante Kotoko, and he willingly chooses to go with you to the events that are important to you even if he has to shelf his own plans, time after time, because he knows a man must put the needs of others before his own, the man truly loves you and will be a good husband.

Furthermore, if you see that although he works hard to provide his needs, he does not take you for granted, it should tell you that he treasures his relationship with you and you should give him a favorable response if he proposes marriage to you.

He Is Self-Confident, But Not Arrogant

If the guy believes in himself, not with an air of superiority thinking that he knows everything, but shows that he can face any challenge he encounters in life and overcome it with the help of God, and if he has a mindset that shows that he is prepared to work through life’s problems, he is likely to be a responsible husband and you should feel confident to marry him if he proposes marriage to you.

He Must Be Mature About Money

The man must be a generous guy who does not wince when he buys a gift for you or when he has to dig deep into his pockets to make you feel comfortable. Furthermore, he should not be a guy who saves every cedi or dollar that he makes.

On the other hand too, if the guy delights in taking you out every weekend, spending frivolously on unnecessary things, or spending everything as fast as he earns it, he may squander money and not be able to cater for you material needs when you marry and you must avoid accepting the proposal of such a guy.

Is He A Generous Encourager?

Does the guy you are attracted to give you frequent pep talks? Does he offer words of encouragement? Is he is a committed encourager who is always looking for ways to inspire and motivate you? He is the kind of guy who is likely he will take you in his arms or hug you when you hear bad news at the office, or give you a massage and whisper sweet words into your ears when you feel as though you can’t go on with life, when you marry later.

He Believes In You

If the guy does not abandon you when you do wrong things, mess up your life, or when you get into trouble with other people, but gently points out where you went wrong to you, and how you can avoid or overcome such issues in the future, it shows that he is loyal to you and he is likely to be a faithful husband when he marries you.

Furthermore, if he knows all your weaknesses and flaws, yet never condemns you because of those things, it means that he loves you with unparalleled love—his love for you is near perfect, for perfect love is painfully aware of all the flaws and faults of the person but still chooses to love that person. Be assured that his love for you is deep and he is likely to be a good husband to you.

He Is A Content Guy

he is covetous and greedy, he may have the mindset that things will make him happy and he will not make time for you when you marry because he will choose to pursue getting money and wealth instead of catering to your emotional needs.

On the other hand, if the guy is not covetous, if he does not have this unquenchable desire to always get more and more, even if he has enough, if he is always at peace with himself, and if he has a satisfied and content spirit, then he is more likely to appreciate the things you do for him, however little. Furthermore, he will have time to satisfy your emotional needs.

He Shows Maturity

If the guy responds to negative situations that arise in your relationship, or in his life, with forbearance and tenderness, rather than with discontent and bitterness and grumbling, it is likely he can handle the vicissitudes of life and the vicissitudes of love effectively. He has grit, which research has shown can make relationships last.

Hence, he can show good leadership in your marriage and also help you to handle the storms that will assail you in life, and you can take your chance with him.

He Does Not Go To Extremes In His Thinking

Is he absolutely sure of his own views? Then you will find it hard to reason with him when you have conflicts because he will feel he has all the answers and you are not going to tell him differently. Consequently, he may hurt you emotionally frequently because he will not respect your views and opinions.

Or, is he unusually skeptical about life? Then he will not provide good leadership in the relationship and he may not do his best to supply your material needs.

He Does Not Have An Idealistic View Of Life

If the guy, instead of being realistic about situations and looking at things as they are, thinks that there has to be a quick solution to every problem, he takes a much too idealistic view of life, and he is likely to get frustrated with life and with you easily, and such a man will not make a good husband.

On the other hand, if the guy is realistic about life, appreciates that life is full of interruptions and difficulties, takes his time to think through problems, and asks you for your opinions when problems crops up, it shows that he is balanced in his thinking, and that he respects your opinions, and he will be a good husband.

He Does Not Show The Signs Of An Abuser

A man who does not exhibit signs that he may abuse you physically or emotionally is likely to treat you with care and tenderness. Such a man may pamper you and treat you as though his whole world revolves around you and you are sure to enjoy a marriage with such a guy.


If you have been racking your brain, wondering, “Is this guy my future husband? Will he transport me into the realms of fantasy when we marry?” then look out for the signs outlined above. If you see these signs and other signs such as these, then be bold, take the risk and give your whole heart to him and you may never regret it.

My Future Husband

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