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My Future Husband: 15 Sure Signs That He Is the Guy You Should Marry

Updated on January 13, 2019

My Future Husband

My future husband must share my values, sacrifice his comfort for me, and so on.
My future husband must share my values, sacrifice his comfort for me, and so on. | Source


Yaa Grace has been going out with Kofi Duku for six months now. She has romantic feelings for Kofi and knows Kofi adores her and wants to marry her, but she is holding back and has not given her heart wholly to him because of the experiences of some of her friends. does not know whether he is the right guy for her.

“Some of my girlfriends met guys who also loved them like Kofi loves me, and they got married. However, they discovered later that they married the wrong guys. I don’t want that to happen to me. I want to marry the right guy so that I can enjoy my marriage. How do I know Kofi is my future husband? How will I know that our marriage will work?” Yaa asks.

There are many signs that can tell you that the man you are dating will be a good husband, if you marry him.

In this article, I want to share some of these signs with you so that you can be confident that you are in a relationship with the right guy.

He Shares The Same Values That You Share

The guy must appreciate the values that you hold dear to your heart and respect them. That will make it easier for the two of you to bond and live as a cohesive unit, which will increase the chances that your marriage will work out.

He Sacrifices His Comfort To Make You Happy

If you see that the guy willingly sacrifices his money, time, and his own comfort just to satisfy your needs, then he will be a good husband for you and you must do everything you can to make him marry you because there is a great likelihood that such a guy will move Heaven and Earth to provide your needs when you get married.

He Shows That He Is Proud Of You

A guy who talks about you in glowing terms to his friends and family members is more likely to make you happy in a marriage than a guy who does not show great enthusiasm about the fact that he is in a relationship with you.

Furthermore, if the guy brags about you and your achievements to his loved ones often, it shows he adores you and so he is likely to do his best to make a relationship with you work out.

He Loves You Just The Way You Are

If the guy is comfortable with who you are, and if he does not make attempts to try to change you, then he is telling you that he accepts and loves you just as you are, and that he is comfortable being in a relationship with you. Such a guy is not likely to get dissatisfied in the relationship later when you marry and so there is a greater chance that he will be faithful to you.

He Treats You Like A Queen

If this guy consistently treats you as though you are the greatest thing to happen to his life, over time, if he treats you like a lady, if he opens doors for you or appreciates the little things you do for him, then it means his love for you is very deep and he is likely to continue loving you for a long time.

He Likes Your Family

If the guy likes your family members and is able to establish a close rapport with them, if he feels comfortable when he is with them, and if he is himself around them and does not pretend, it shows that he thinks he is part of your family and he will do his best to treat you properly when he gets married to you.

He Cares About Your Friends

He will ask you about how a friend of yours he has not seen in a while is doing, or urge you to visit a friend of yours who is sick or in trouble and so on, often.

He does this because he appreciates the fact that you will need a strong social network around yourself to make your relationship with him work and so he cares about helping you to maintain that social support.

He Regularly Organizes Events He Knows You Love

The bottom line in a marriage is the fact that you both want to find happiness, isn’t it? So, if the guy you are dating intentionally, even when you have not asked him to, plans activities that he knows will make you happy, then it shows that he wants to see you happy at all times.

Such a guy is likely to be a good husband for one of the characteristics of a good husband is that he does his best to try to make his wife happy at all times.

He Makes Time For You

A man who cannot sacrifice some of his commitments to spend time with you so that he can find out about your needs and desires, or just talk to you about trivial things now, may not make time for you when he has to work even harder to take care of you and the children after he marries you.

So, if he is willing to forego watching soccer with his friends so that he can accompany you to visit your favorite aunt, or if he is willing to visit you on a Saturday evening instead of going to visit his sister, it shows he values your company and he is likely to spend time with you when you marry so that you can develop the camaraderie between the two of you.

He Forgives You Readily

Forgiveness is absolutely essential for the success of a marriage. A man who makes the effort to discuss differences, and who patiently points the ways you hurt him out to you, and who is willing to reconcile and let go when you wrong him, will make it easier to resolve conflicts when they arise in the marriage. Consequently, you are more likely to have a stable marriage.

He Shows No Signs That He Is A Cheater

If the guy does not give you any indication that he may cheat on you when you gets married, if he is loyal and focuses 100% on his relationship with you, then you may take your chance with him and hope that he will stay that way when you get married.

He Is Trustworthy

Does this guy keep the promises he makes to you? Does he do what he says he will do? Does he tell the truth as much as he can? Even if he lies sometimes, does he admit to lying sometimes? Is he open and does he volunteer information readily when an opportunity to be vague arises, and does he keep the secrets that you tell him?

If the guy you are dating shows all these characteristics, then he is a man of integrity and he is more likely to be committed to the relationship he is building with you and so you must feel confident to marry him.

He Trusts You

If the guy trusts decisions and choices you make which will bring growth and development to the relationship, for example if he actively supports and encourages you when you want to advance in your career, it means he is interested in your self-development which shows he loves you deeply and wants you to be the best you can be. A man like that will be a supportive husband who will make you happy.

He Is The First Person That Comes To Mind When You Have A Good Story To Share

This guy will be the first person you will think about sharing your successes at work, your achievements in school, and the great things that you do with your friends and family, with.

You will do it with a sense of pride and enthusiasm and feel that sharing these stories draws you closer to the guy because you see that he appreciates these stories and relishes them, which shows that he really cares about you.

You Don’t Feel Embarrassed In Front Of Him

If you don’t feel embarrassed to cry in front of the guy, to slurp when drinking, crack your knuckles or laugh uproariously, if you are comfortable to look and feel vulnerable when you are around him, and to show your bad habits when you are alone with him, and if he is okay with this, it means you understand each other and you are likely to form a good team.


So, if you are wondering, “Is this guy my future husband?” then recall if he makes sacrifices for you often, accepts you just as you are, treats you like a royal, likes spending time with your family, cares about your friends, cherishes spending time with you, forgives you when you wrong him, and is worthy of trust. If he shows these signs, there is a great chance that a life-long relationship will work.

Who is My Future Husband?

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