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My JS Prom Story: Night of Fairy Tales

Updated on May 30, 2015
fairytales | Source

A Night of Fairy Tales 2

Every student in his high school years has dreamed of having a very special “Promenade.” How thing young guy search of his princess on their prom night.

It was the continuation of my JS Prom maybe at first it ends not merrily and happily, but in the second time around I’ll make sure that it will occur just in my wills. Even it's not our JS Prom every night I always think of the things that I should do in order to have a satisfaction in our acquaintances prom. I started planning it because I don’t want to suffer hurts and regrets again. All my plans are ready and just flows what I want to happen, but during induction I saw the girl that I intend to dance during prom with tears in her eyes because of this my friends forced me to dance with her.

I was totally frustrated with tremendous regrets; maybe things occur at the right place but at the wrong time.

The night ends like a nightmare and sedatives for me that I never wanted for it to happen. The following days I started planning out again and looking for another girl which will be my princess in the prom. But the one that I have also chosen had already injured my heart so I began again planning for the third time and stick to it. The days have passed and our JS Prom loudly invites me, my heart beats rapidly and my minds keep on thinking and hoping that everything will happen just I wanted to. Just like a fairy tale a prince is searching again for his lost princess.

JS Prom
JS Prom | Source

As I stare again were my princess stands for the first time.

I remembered our reminiscence when I was totally amazed and captivated by her beauty and I was part of the cotillion dancers like in the fairytale dancing all night with his princess joyfully but maybe I’m just expecting which is too much impossible. It’s a great pleasure for me to be chosen as Mr. Senior but from inner I was lonesome because I know how boring it is sitting in front of a legion. It’s also an honor to have a higher role, but it’s better to be ordinary if I would be happier and fulfilled.

The time has come it’s our JS Prom I was stimulated favorably and three hours more to go our prom started to glare. But while I was sitting and watching television before I prepared myself, I got accidentally blistered in my finger and another a bee fly’s into me and a light in my shirt biting a small prey caterpillar and flew out leaving its prey to me. In so much places this insect prefers to roost for me because of this my brain, nerves started to analyze impulses and crying myself: Is this a sign of a coming bad luck and a mark of a not fortunate event to occur?

So I tell it to the wall and bump my hands three times for it not to happen and to combat the bad luck according to the old superstitious belief. As we cross the isle with my muse, I began to wonder and wishing that it will be the most fantastic and wonderful JS Prom ever because it’s our second but the last JS Prom during our high school life. As the music plays and the MC tell about us I felt the cold and hot air competing inside me and when we’re approaching at the stage the music stops playing, there’s no current and everyone screams for them don’t want also to have a ruined prom.

My photo during our JS Prom
My photo during our JS Prom | Source

Heart Beats Fast. . .

My heart also stops beating, panting and sighing, and I neither noticed that my eyes have tears I take a sneak to wash my tears and act like not affected but inside I was totally annoyed. And as we walked in the pedestal of the stage and stand there, I take a glimpse of the sky and prayed that there would be current. A few minutes later, my desire is granted. The show continues and as I finished bequeathing the key of responsibility a few hours again a short circuit happened.

It was already dusk and with the feeling of being disappointed that our JS Prom that we’ve been waiting will just be ruined. It turns into a horror one instead of love and amity socializing prom. It was painful and dreadful that it manufactures too much nuisance rather than love and happiness. But for me it’s never been hopeless, I will never be repressed for the understanding that there’s always solutions and they are trying to recreate it and thanks things are fixed.

sign | Source

Did your JS Prom Ended Merrily?

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A Sign. . .

I didn't think that the sign happened to me may turn to reality. I didn't expect that our JS Prom will be unfortunately. No one like it to occur so I tried to wipe-out it in my thoughts and go on with my plans. After exchanging souvenirs and taking pictures. The highlight of the night the cotillion dancers are ready to perform. As I stare at them while dancing I remembered when me and my partner dance also at the oval passionately. But now I’m here just sitting on the stage doing nothing, how bored am I but I have no choice, I have enjoyed the show even I’m not because it will neither happen and be repeated again. And things that are done cannot be undone so I’ve rather accepted it and just ride on.

And finally the most awaited part is the dancing time. But it seems that I’m a refugee, it seems that I’m out of place with my classmate trying to mingle out even though it feels I’m alone. But I got to move on and do what Is my intention, I’ve searched for my princess, but I did not easily find her so I doubled my courage and at last I saw her wearing long white gown sitting at the side of the oval but even she wears the same gown just like my princess wore it feels differently.

Everything has changed and everything may never be the same.

That night I might dance with too many friends and girls, but no one glows better at what I’ve felt before. It may not be the best as before, but I’m happy because I have granted other wishes and dreams in the way of dancing with them. And as a prince it’s a great privilege that no one on this earth can ever pay. And also the girl that my classmate always paired with me was to become my last dance of that night and I cannot explain it if its coincidence or destiny. But whatever it is, she’s been part of my night of fairy tales.

Now I’ve realized that sometimes planning events is quite awkward because sometimes it might not happen exactly and rightly,

. . . And it’s better that thing may stay just a surprise and unplanned. By this, things will be exciting and flattering. But in the end my night doesn’t end frustrated and at the same time not totally gay, and one thing for sure that I will never regret is that I’m happy because I have done what should be done and in this way I was satisfied.

Sad faces
Sad faces | Source

Are you happy of what you are now?

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What Is Real Happiness???

It is when you feel fine even if there is nothing left in your pocket. It is when you enjoy life inspite of the problems you have. And most of all when you still know how to smile and thank God for his blessings even trials come and go.

Life is unfair and let’s gets used to it according to one of the richest and most popular personality in technological era. It has several trajectory and orifice when we get flowed out and sometimes fall in wrong places. But life would be boring if everything is perfect that’s why antagonist plays a vital role for the equilibrium of this realm. There are different kinds of diversity which we are group and separated according to the niche where we are more stable. When we are on the right place we are productive and more astonishing as we enjoy dwelling in that certain habitat and there it goes how happiness is made and given to every species here on this planet earth.

sad faces
sad faces | Source

Happiness is undefined for we cannot explain what we feel it’s just the way that we love and feel good whenever we are happy.

Like tiny atoms in the air, when heat is applied atoms starts to collide and move faster and that makes us like electrons, we are more energetic and lively whenever we feel bliss and merry.

Sometimes we use to frown our faces in some life circumstances and that is totally normal as human beings, we don’t need to be happy always for mixtures of emotions are much better. We learned in life that we will not be happy always for there are some solitudes and travails that will galore in our ways but the important is that we face and at the end of the struggle we look into the mirror and still smiling with positive outlook in life and that is totally happiness!

We don’t need to have all the materials and luxuries in this world, we only need is to accept what we have and nurture all those things that we posses and inclined of. Happiness is such a simple but yet sophisticated emotion that brings joy and electricity in our nerve cells. When we see God’s providence we are in peace, and when we are in peace we feel calmness and when we are calm there will be no worries and happiness is in you.


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