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My Love Goes With You: Come and Go

Updated on March 22, 2014

What a blessed day to meet you in the airport;

Instant angelic melodies sprang in my heart upon holding you in my arms once more;

Those cold and lonely nights without you beside me were a past and here you are in flesh, warm and throbbing;

My sweet and handsome beloved;

The longing of my heart and the resident of my soul in every second that the Lord has made in my life;

You are Love personified in this heart that contains infinite abundance of love for you;

You pumped in me the colors of love and desires;

Scarlet for the life of me, green for the living love of life with you forever and then blues when you are far away and my heart longs for you to stay, and also yellow for a bright tomorrow of us being together throughout eternity;

Love of my soul, My Love, my world turns grey and the world stood still the day I sent you off in the airport;

The sky turned grey and the tears in my eyes poured like heavy rain at the time you were leaving me again;

Nothing and no one else can lift up my spirit when you’re away for deep within me the only thing that matters in my life is to hold you, kiss you, smell you, behold your handsome face and beautiful body and every bit of you, and to feel the warmth of our skin touching each other’s in everything that we do together;

Love of my soul, it’s just one day since you’re gone and I am missing you already;

I kiss and hug every night the shirt you left behind even the shoes that stay in one corner of my room;

Our pictures together fill the walls of my apartment and in the screen of my laptop, even in the social media such as facebook and hubpages and the rest of the sites where I have an account;

Your picture is there wherever I go, stay and visit;

And most especially, your picture is very vivid in my mind because you are the every beat of my heart and the every droplet of my blood;

May the Good Lord up above watch over you and preserve every bit of you for that bright moment of our lives together where nothing can separate us anymore;

May the color of the whole Universe be all golden yellow for both of us;

May the greyness fade and be swallowed by the brightness of the love that we both share;

My Love, just one thing I ask of you: Be faithful with me as I am with you.


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