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My Man Loves Me No More: 5 Tell-Tale Signs

Updated on March 29, 2014

One Life and One Simple Wish

Women by nature are emotional beings and by nature they are very romantic too. They love to romanticize anything and everything around them. Majority of the women (I say majority and not all) love to cherish the fact that the men in their life will be theirs forever. Well sometimes this wish comes true (I will say you girls are damn lucky) but most of the times this is not the case.

A girl's mind is like a tricky guy. It loves to play games with her. It loves to manipulate her and tamper with her peace and patience and she can end up feeling lost and heartbroken.

What are the potent weaponry of this tricky guy called "mind"?

  • Suspicion
  • Jealousy
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Depression

Well, all these above points are inter-related. These are called negative thoughts. Most of the time they are sequential as they are shown above. We all know the path from Suspicion -> Depression is not at all smooth. One innocent question that can easily lead you to this vicious path is,"Does he love me anymore?"

We girls no matter what be our age has encountered this question at least once in our life? And I can bet that if this question pops out in our mind, our life can turn into a Living Hell.

Happy Times!!
Happy Times!! | Source

Taming of My Mind

Our minds need to be tamed. They need to stop fooling us. We should not sit idle and let our minds play with our emotions. However difficult it might appear but we need to have a tight grasp on our minds. We should not let them wander off so easily. They should not loose grip from the reality. But how will this be possible or will it be possible at all? Given the fact that there are so many factors that induce negative thoughts, taming our minds seem to be an almost inhuman task (Yes I call it an "inhuman task" because we humans however hard we try are very easily suseptable to negative thoughts).

Then how will I accomplish this seemingly inhuman task? The answer to this question is- by getting your facts straight.

If you have a pertinent question in your mind that is eating up your brain then you try to find the key to its answer. Similarly when you are troubled you should learn to identify the reason behind it. This might definitely help you to ease out your trouble and give you some peace.

My advise to the girls/women (who are wrecking their brains to figure out whether their boyfriends/husbands still love them like before) is to calm down first and look out for the five simple signs that I will mention below and find for themselves the truth. You do not have to tax your brain any further. Just sit down, relax and look out for the following cues.

Don't Give Up!
Don't Give Up! | Source

A Vice Named Suspicion

There happens to be a phase in a woman's life when all of a sudden things start to change for her.

For example, Della was very happy when she got married. She got married to the love of her life. What more could she want from life? Ryan was a very loving and caring husband. It was like an extended fairy-tale romance- their courtship, their marriage, their honeymoon, the birth of their first baby girl. Everything was so fast, so very lovey-dovey for this time period that it took Della sometime to realize that something is missing in their seemingly perfect relationship. It was Ryan, something was missing from his side. This Ryan and the Ryan, Della used to know are completely different persons. Nowadays Ryan seems to be very busy. He is always on tour and even when he is at home he is always on phone. He has also grown very inattentive towards their little baby. It seems he has no time for his family. At first Della thought it was his work pressure but when this continued for months she began to worry. Nasty thoughts started to flood her brain. "Has he lost interest in me?", "Am I not good for him anymore?", "Doesn't he love me?", "Is he trying to hide something from me?", "Is he seeing anyone else?", "Is he planning to divorce me?" All these thoughts made her life even worse. At first she got suspicious and tried to interogate him on his whereabouts, next when she did not got any plausible explanation, she tried to investigate about his female colleagues. She got jealous of them. This led to serious fights between her and husband. It left her angry and frustrated. It seemed to her Ryan is moving further away from her. Finally she could not cope with this situation any further and fell into a deep mental depression.

Hence we understand how the vice named suspicion can ruin one's life so easily. Della herself was responsible for her mental agony. Instead of beating around the bush if she had tried to look at clues and signs that whether Ryan is interested in her or not then she could save herself from the mental torture that she had to undergo.

So you see if you get your facts straight before probing further then you will definitely not find yourself in Della's shoes. From the signs you can know whether he really loves you or not, whether he cares for you anymore or not. You can plan your next step accordingly.

Unconditional Love Is the Prerequisite.
Unconditional Love Is the Prerequisite. | Source

1# He Will Not Respect Your Feelings

A primary requirement of maintaining a successful relationship is having mutual respect for each other and when this respect gets missing from a relationship it is sure that the relationship is failing somewhere.

If you ever find out that the man of your life is failing to respect you or your emotions then it is definitely a Red Signal for you to STOP. Think hard whether you would like to go on with this relationship.

A man who loves his woman will always care about her and will always care not to hurt her feelings and sentiments. Even if he is somehow unable to give enough time to his beloved for any reason or if he has somehow made her sad he will definitely try to make amends to rectify his faults sooner or later. Taking care of your likes and dislikes and taking care not to hurt your sentiments knowingly (come on unknowingly we all make stupid mistakes) actually shows how much that person is in love with you.

Learn to identify this cue. This will definitely tell you a lot.

2# He Will Always Be Angry

This is also another important trait that you will definitely see in a man who is not in love with you. One thing you will notice that how much you try to make him happy, he will find a fault and be angry at you. He will always criticize you for your activity, in private as well as in public.

If things go too far then he will have the audacity to make fun of you amidst your friends and family. He will simply not care whether your are hurt or not.

This type of persons are very proud of themselves, they are boastful about their own achievements and will underestimate you. You will also see that these guys are always threatening to break the relationship forever as if it is a piece of toy. In reality they are big-time losers who are trying to vent out their frustrations on the persons who love them.

My advise to the girls who are in facing such problems in their love-life is that be more practical- there is no love in your "love-life", at least save your life and do not derogate yourself any further by being in such an unhealthy relationship.

3# He Will Forget To Keep in Touch with You

Isn't it very funny to think that your boyfriend loves you when he doesn't get enough time to communicate with you? Why is he in South Pole or at the top of Mt. Everest? Or is he contesting the upcoming presidential election ? If neither is the case then it is probable that your sweetheart is busy in any new dalliance.

The primary means of continuing a relationship is by the act of communication. Communication is the link that holds together a relationship. If your love of your life is forgetting to communicate with you then it is evident that he is trying to break that link or in short trying to sever all ties with you. If for once you let him go it is possible that he will be gone forever from your life.

Be quick and be clever to look out for this cue. If this be your case then you know very well by now what you have to do.

4# He Will Never Compromise

Why will he? He is a superior being (at least he thinks so) and will always hold you in contempt. You will see that it is always you who is trying adjust with his situation and not the other way round. It will be always you who will bend before him for his whims and fancies. He will be always be the main priority in your life. You will always have to listen to him and dance to his tunes.

You will get to see that you have to sacrifice your own desires at his altar to feed his own. For you he always comes first before your career, family or even you in particular. But in his case it is just the opposite.

My question to the ladies who are in such pitiable state is that, "Are you his slave?" Then why are you trying to compromise always? When at times you need him let him take some initiative to compromise a little bit. Let him give you something in return for what you have done so far for him. Let him stand beside you in times of your need and hold your hands and say,"No matter what it takes I am there for you always." It is only then you will realize that you are precious for him.

Trust me ladies you are far more worth than being a slave of a greedy and selfish man.

5# A One Sided Relationship

If someone find all the above signs in her man then it is for sure that she is in a one sided relationship. Believe me the relationship has died long before and it is only she who is dragging this relationship. The man whom she presumes to be her lover has left her already. He has moved way ahead of her in life. There is no way that she can bring him back to her unless some miracle happens.

So better be realistic. I know this kind of situation can be pretty painful. Instead of breaking down to pieces you have to collect yourself together, you have to be strong and you have to thank God that it is over!

Now you can start a fresh new chapter in your life.

Break Free!
Break Free! | Source

Tell me, why did you left him?

See results

Look at The World Through A Kaleidoscope

Your grey life is about to be filled with lots of colors.

Girls if you are confused whether your man loves you or not I hope you have got your answers by now. Either way I must say you are lucky.

If you find out your guy has stopped loving you then cheer up girls. Better options are still waiting for you. Only you have to be bit more matured, confident, strong and quick-witted. But first you have to love and respect yourself. You will be your first priority. Then only nothing can harm you ever in life.

And if you find out that your man is still yours but somehow he is little bit messed up right now. Give it some time. Very soon things are going to change for good once he is able to get a control of his situation. You may never know but there might be office related problems, health problems or there might be a problem at his home-front. Try to be supportive and be his friend and help him recover from that mess like an ideal partner. I bet he will love you more for that!

© 2014 Deblina Banerjee


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