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My Man Makes Me Go, Ooo-Wee!

Updated on December 11, 2009

A Mama's Boy

A good man by my definition is a man with excellent morals and beleifs, has common sense, is kind hearted, warm spirited, courteous and just a well rounded mama's boy. I'm just saying, if he's a mama's boy then you kind of get the feeling that he already knows a woman's worth. You don't have to teach him that part, he's already got it. That's a huge part of any relationship, knowing each others worth and what each of you have to bring to the relationship.

I know that most women wouldn't want to date a mama's boy. A lot comes along with that preference of a man, mainly high expectations, kid like ways, and my abosolute favorite, always being compared to mommy. But hey, to each it's own.

I dated a mama's boy once, he was a really nice guy. He treated me with respect, he cherished me, showered me with gifts and wonderful compliments. Just one thing, he did not want to move away from his mother. Because as our relationship prospered, thoughts of a home together was dancing in head. This man takes our plan for a home together and puts them in a lot right across the street from his mother. Oh, no honey. I left him right there with his mama, and he is still there to date. Mind you he is a 34 year old man now. But he does have a sweet mother.


How My Man Makes Me Go Ooo-Wee!

My man makes me go, "Ooo-Wee" because my man is a good man to me. He gets up for work each morning and brings me breakfast in bed. Ooo-Wee this man is something. After clocking in eight hours, he comes home from work and rubs my feet. Ooo-Wee this man cannot be beat. My man fixes me a wonderful dinner complete with all the trimmings. Ooo-Wee this man is what's happening. And when my man lays me down at night, I know that everything is going to be alright. Ooo-Wee this man really has his game tight.

So why after five months all the good things my man was doing just all of a sudden stops. No more breakfast in bed before he goes to work, hell he don't even work no more. Ooo-Wee this man is lazy. I'm clocking in eight hours a day and the foot rubs that I used to get are missing in action. Ooo-Wee this man is really slipping. I have been fixing dinner with all the trimmings for the last five months while he hasn't done anything. Ooo-Wee this man is really tripping. At night I have to lay down beside this man that I call my man and then, and only then I have to say, Ooo-Wee everything is going to be alright cause my man still knows how to lay that pipe.

The moral of this little story is a relationship is about give and take, but I guess you have to meet in the middle on some things.


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    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      I agree with you honey, great hub, great advice. welcome to hub pages. Godspeed. creativeone59

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