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My Mother - My Best Friend

Updated on April 30, 2015

When I was fetus, I was growing inside the womb of an angel. The angel endured all the physical and mental that was caused the growing fetus. That high and mighty angel had the option of abandoning the fetus, but she didn't. Why? Simply because the angel thought about the joy of life that the fetus will experience when it's fully grown. The angel didn't think of the fetus as a burden, instead the mighty angel thought of the fetus as her angel. In reality, compared to the growing fetus, she is an angel. As angels are powerful spirits. In reality, she had the power of ending one's life and not having to pay for her crime. Angels who follow the bad path are also know as demons. Because of the sacrifice my angel had made for me, I'm now happily living out my given life. The angel didn't stop caring for fetus once it was fully grown. It continued to nurture the child so much. That the angel's pure love became an addiction to the fully grown fetus. Without the angel's love, the fetus would not be able to exist. The same thing happened for the angel. The joy the angel had in nurturing the fetus was so great that it became the angel's addiction. Now the fetus and the angel depend on each other for their existence.

To simply say it, my mother is my all to me. The same goes for her. She loves me more than my dad. She showed me so much affection that it became an addiction. When she leaves me alone, even a bit I become crazy. The maximum number of days I had been apart from her are 7. One time, I began to throw a tantrum to go home, this was at my own big sister's house. I won't lie. As a teen, I already had desires of having my own family. But I abandoned them simply for my mother. To me she's my life, I could never live without her.

Thank you for reading my article and have a nice day.


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